Mincemeat Festive Wreath

A delicious Mincemeat Festive Wreath made from pizza dough. Filled with mincemeat, apple, stem ginger and flaked almonds, this would be perfect served as breakfast on Christmas Day. This Mincemeat Festive Wreath is actually made from pizza dough, with some spices added to the dough. It is then filled with mincemeat, juicy apple chunks, stem ginger, together […]

Gluten and Sugar Free Bircher Muesli Cookies

These tasty little Gluten and Sugar Free Bircher Muesli Cookies are very easy to make and perfect lunch box or after school snacks for your children (or yourself as an elevenses treat!) Having received my new Degustabox UK parcel yesterday, I decided to do some baking this afternoon while the boys were at after school […]

Maltesers Brownies

These delicious Maltesers Brownies are easy to make and great served as a dessert with ice cream, or along side a cup of tea. I love a good brownie. They are so easy to make, and you can make so many different flavours and varieties. Ultimately, of course, I also love eating them. Another thing […]

Mini Egg & Marshmallow Crispy Cakes

These Mini Egg & Marshmallow Crispy Cakes are very easy to make and devour! Perfect for making with your children as no oven is required. I love the baking ideas that Easter provides. I still have a few that I have not made yet, and I might try and get one more out before the […]

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