Knoppers Brownies

These delicious Knoppers Brownies smell as great as they taste! A double chocolate brownie, poured over a Knoppers waffle base and topped with white chocolate and more Knoppers, these brownies are as easy to eat as they are to make! Knopper Brownies are very easy to make and if you love wafers, hazelnut chocolate and […]

Creme Egg Meringue Nests

These scrumptious Creme Egg Meringue Nests are perfect for Easter and are so easy to make. The creme eggs are baked inside the meringues allowing their gooey centres to melt into the soft meringues as they cook. These Creme Egg Meringue Nests are so easy to make. The gooey creme egg melted into the mallowy meringues […]

Chocolate Orange Flapjacks

These Chocolate Orange Flapjacks are delicious: filled with dark chocolate chips, with a tangy orange flavour and topped with Terry’s chocolate orange.  Chocolate Orange is such a delicious flavour combination and features a lot in my baking (see the bottom of this post for examples). Due to the success of my Mars Bar flapjacks I wanted […]

After Eight Triple Chocolate Brownies

These indulgent After Eight Triple Chocolate Brownies are made with three different types of chocolates and of course After Eight Mints.  Perfect brownies for anytime of the year. After Eight Brownies are nothing new, I know as I have seen them on social media may times before. However, having bought one too many boxes of […]

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