Coffee and Walnut Baked Doughnuts

These Coffee and Walnut Baked Doughnuts are perfect for a coffee morning to eat along side a coffee or even a cup of tea. They are baked rather than fried and topped with a coffee flavoured icing and some walnut pieces .

After the first batch of baked doughnuts that I made for the final of my GBBOBloggers2018 bake along linky, I excitedly wrote down a few new recipe ideas . The first of which were for Coffee and Walnut Baked Doughnuts, flavours which I felt would work well in doughnut form as they do so well in cake form. 

Now before I continue with this post, please allow me to apologise for the state of the doughnuts in the photos. They were baked and decorated on Sunday night, by which time it was too late to photograph them in natural light. Therefore, this was done on Monday. However, that evening whilst trying to upload the photos for this blog post, my card reader suddenly became corrupted. This meant that the doughnut photos, along with those of a tasty slow cooker sausage stew, were gone.

Furthermore, this meant that I had to reshoot them Tuesday morning. Sadly though, by this time some of the doughnuts had already been eaten. Plus, as you can see from my pictures, the icing had soaked into the doughnuts leaving a weird effect on the icing instead. 

However, luckily this mottled effect does not affect the taste of the actual doughnut it does go to show that they are best eaten on the day or day after they are baked.  Also, they should be photographed within this time frame too. 

Anyway, these coffee and walnut doughnuts are lovely and soft inside and the coffee flavour does come through. The icing has a more intense coffee flavour and the walnuts add some nice texture. 

These cakes would be great for a coffee morning or a bake sale because they look different to regular cakes. This is something which I think makes them stand out more and would make them popular as a result. 

If you fancy making them and have a doughnut baking tray or two, then here is the recipe. 

Coffee and Walnut Baked Doughnuts Recipe 

Coffee and Walnut Baked Doughnuts
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 15
  • 225g self raising flour
  • 125 g caster sugar
  • 150ml milk
  • 2 tsp coffee granules
  • 25ml hot water
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 tbsp Olive oil
  • *Icing*
  • 1 -2 tsp coffee granules
  • hot water - enough to make a thick coffee sauce with the granules
  • cold water
  • walnut pieces
  • 400g Icing sugar
  1. Pre-heat your oven to 160C (Fan) /180C and grease your doughnut tin/s
  2. Make a 'cup' of coffee using the granules, milk and hot water and leave to cool for 5 mins
  3. In a large bowl mix together the cooled coffee mixture, eggs, and olive oil
  4. Add the flour and caster sugar to the wet ingredients and whisk until combined and smooth.
  5. Then into the doughnut pan, add approx 2-3 tsp of the batter into each hole
  6. Bake in the oven for approx 10 mins
  7. Leave to cool and then remove from the tin
  8. *Icing*
  9. Mix the coffee granules with a dash of hot water and top with a little cold water
  10. Add this to the icing sugar and mix to make a thick paste
  11. Dip each doughnut into the icing then top with three walnut pieces
  12. Leave to set and then eat and enjoy


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  1. Your doughnuts look gorgeous Jenny. CT would devour the lot in about five minutes – he loves coffee flavoured cake. I really must get myself some doughnut moulds – been on my list for a long time.

  2. Coffee and walnut cake is one of my all time classic favourites so your doughnuts would definitely hit the spot with me! I think they look fab despite your little card reader hiccup and I could so devour one right now! So happy #BakeoftheWeek is back! I didn’t have heart for GBBO this year (as you could tell). x

  3. Such a shame you had to take the pictures again. I love the flavours of the doughnuts, coffee and walnuts sounds delightful.

  4. Whoa! These look amazing – Your photography here is beautiful too (although the doughnuts would speak for themselves anyway!) You are right that these would go down so well at a cake sale – I always go for the little bit different when I attend sales. Thanks so much for hosting #BakeoftheWeek this week – You have been doing an amazing job x

  5. Wow, these look delicious! Definitely the perfect sweet treat for these cold winter months. I wonder how the taste would be affected if you used flavoured coffee granules – I think that could work really well. A great treat for coffee lovers and all those with a sweet tooth really. The pictures still look fab so don’t worry.

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