1. Mama makes

    Oh my word that looks divine! Im dribbling! Ive never tried adding cola before, will give it a go x

  2. sara carvosso

    That looks so good! my husband would love it (although it would be like that bit from mitilda where the fat kid eats all the cake) x

  3. Brilliant! I was thinking about doing one like this with smarties for my Mum’s birthday next week but since deciding to I’ve not been able to find any smarties in the shops! ( or chocolate fingers for that matter!) I’ve seen malteasers though 🙂

  4. looks yummy Jenny – & so neat! Glad to see you’re still using the crazy kitchen frosting & not turned back to Betty Crocker! 😉

  5. Notmyyearoff

    Thats an AMAZING!!! Cake! I think my eye’s would have fallen out their sockets if someone made me this 😀

  6. Katie @mummydaddyme

    God Jenny I need to stop looking at your blog, it just makes me want to eat chocolate non stop which I already am as breastfeeding is making me obsessed!

  7. Sarah

    Omg ! Awful, turned out like frisbees , followed this recipe to the letter and still damned awful ! Was so so disappointed .

  8. I am so sorry this didn’t work for you. I use this method often and the sponges always work and rise for me. maybe your oven is different? X

  9. Karen Jeffery McMullan

    I made this cake for my daughter 20th birthday yesterday, it was out of this world and if I do say so my self looked pretty good for a first attempt .

  10. Aileen

    Just tried this recipe for a birthday cake for my father in law unfortunately they didn’t rise. Bit disappointing!

  11. Jennypaulin

    oh no 🙁 I am so sorry. I am wondering why they didn’t rise. i can understand why it was disappointing x

  12. Aileen

    I’m going to try again tomorrow. In your recipe you said you had extra mixture I didn’t when I put the mixture in the tins it didn’t seem very much. I definitely followed the recipe hopefully they turn out better 2nd time round if not I’ll just have lots of layers!

  13. Jennypaulin

    oh no you too? i cannot understand it as i have used this recipe a few times now and it works every time. a friend of mine has made it twice and has not had a problem either. I will make it again soon and double check ingredient quantites. Only think I can think is that too much batter was added to the tins? I know there was a little too much leftover when I make it.
    i am sorry and i will investigate x

  14. Jennypaulin

    i hope it worked out today???? i feel terrible but i know it works and I know of people who it has worked for but then I know it hasnt either now. I feel awful. As i explained to Loops above I will be making it again next week, so i will double check everything this end too x x

  15. Micky

    Hi, i too have just tried this recipe for a birthday cake, i cant see how you had batter left over for that size tin, i barely had enough to cover the bottom of both tins, are you sure the quantity isnt per tin!

  16. Lisa chiu

    I just made this cake for my friends 30th birthday and it was such a success!! The sponge was moist and the frosting was delicious. The only thing I changed was instead of putting malteasers on the top I put fresh chocolate covered strawberries. Thanks for a great recipe

  17. Rebecca

    Just made this for my friends birthday what a disappointment the big cakes didn’t rise although the left over mixture has made wonderful cupcakes so don’t know why didn’t work as a big cake

    • oh no i am so sorry. i have to say that this recipe has been a mix of successes and failures for people. i do not know why it went wrong as it was perfect when I made it x

  18. Sara Nash

    Not sure if the quantities have been changed but I had loads of mixture. Cake rose beautifully and I also had enough for a couple of cupcakes.

  19. Becky

    Just made this recipe but didn’t seem to hand anywhere near enough mixture for two 9 inch tins, was wondering if it would be better in 8 inch? It did raise though!

  20. Kathy o connor

    Hi have made this cake before for a couple of occasions always very impressive but seem to remember there was cola in mixture which is gone from recipe now how much cola was there and what stage did you add it thanks

  21. Sara Nash

    I make this cake three times last year for my children. I have come back to make it this year again for my daughter and I’m very disappointed that the recipe has change. It used to be so easy to make, no having to cream butter and sugar together, you just had to melt the butter with the cola and then added it to the dry ingredients. The result was delicious.

    • Dear Sara
      I am so sorry I had so many negative comments saying it didn’t work, despite it always working for me! , that I changed it!! I am so sorry I can add the original one for you if you like here? It is nice to hear of someone having successfully made it too thank you x

  22. Thanks for the recipe!!! I must say it has worked perfectly for me with the traditional method. Only thing I would do different next time is put some icing sugar in my frosting as I found it a bit sour on its own (probably only because I used cheap choc spread. Lol). Shame I can’t attach a pic it is on my Facebook tho! Thanks again Jenny!

  23. Rupe

    Hi Jenny please could you send me the cocoa cola recipe?
    – all my friends love the choc cake made with cola ……..feedback from my last baking batch “wasn’t as good” without the cola and I have to admit I agree! I have searched and searched for another recipe but your recipe was the one I got the best results with. X

    • Hi Rupe thank you for your comment. I changed the recipe as I had lots of negative comments! However let me try and track it down in my archives and then I will let you have it xxx

  24. Rachel

    Hi! I’vemade the cake, the party is tomorrow night but I’m flat out so will need to decorate before, is that ok do you think if I keep it in a cool place?

  25. Rupe

    Hi Jenny did you track down the cola recipe?or could you tell me where I may be able to find it please?

    • jennypaulin

      Hi Rupe, Sorry with it being the school holidays my mind is all over the place! Ok so I think this is the recipe i used originally – i must make it again and then i can repost it on here! But here we go:
      250g unsalted butter
      200ml cola drink
      250g self raising flour
      50g cocoa powder
      250g caster sugar
      2 eggs, beaten
      200ml milk
      1 tsp vanilla essence

      so beat sugar and butter as normal
      add eggs and vanilla extract and beat well
      add the cola and beat well to make a light and airy batter
      lightly fold in the flour and cocoa powder
      pour into tins and bake for 22-25 mins approx

      Hope this works for you *fingers crossed* xx

  26. Hi jenny. I’m going to make this for my daughters 9th birthday tomorrow :-/ haha.
    When you say chocolate spread – do you mean Nutella (though I wouldn’t use that because it’s gross) or could you tell me what you used please?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Katie,

      Yes i used chocolate spread – not Nutella just Tesco value one. If you don’t like that, you can make a chocolate buttercream instead x

  27. Gemma Davenport

    sorry to say mine didn’t rise either. Followed your recipe and I have the equivalent of one half of a sponge cake! I have to use chocolate fingers that are cut in half. This is my husbands birthday cake…..which is tomorrow, too late in the day to bake a new one now 🙁
    not sure what’s up with the recipe, my fault for not reading the reviews before baking it!

    • I am so sorry this did not work for you. It has been so hit and miss with people who have tried it. I have changed the tin sizes to 8inch (was typed as 9 inch previously) and therefore, I am changing the ingredient quantities to reflect this. I only really use 200g and 4 eggs for my cakes as a rule now and it always works, so hopefully this will now work going forward. I know that different ovens can also create different results. sorry x

  28. Vicki

    Oh lovely that’s perfect for my friends 30th! I am currently in the process of making it

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