The Top Aspects of House Showing That We Can All Master

We have all had the dilemma of ‘to stage or not to stage’ when involved in a house sale. It’s a huge debate in real estate circles and generally falls to the homeowner in discussion with the real estate agent. It can be viewed as unnecessary work or too time-consuming, but a staged open house has proven to sell houses faster than any other house showing. There are, however, various aspects of showing a house or the open house day that we can all master.

Décor and Interior Design

The décor must be simple but stylish. Don’t go out of your way to change existing décor, but you may have to tone it down or add to it, depending on the market that you’re trying to target. A simple win every time is to have some luxury flowers that add both colour and a touch of class to the rooms being viewed. A beautiful vase of cut flowers adds class and gravitas to any living space, and it is props such as these, that could lead to a swifter sale.

Light and Bright Airy Rooms

The overall aim when showing your home is to ensure that there is a light and airy feel to the property. Depending on the weather, keep a few windows open and have as much light coming in as possible. It is advised not to redecorate the entire home but depending on the colours you’ve used and if you have any feature walls that you’ve used to add your taste to the home, you may want to consider repainting all these in a bright white. Keep it as simple as possible and allow the new buyer to visualize and realise their tastes and colours in the home.

The Entrance Needs to Be Welcoming and Clean

Many people work on the interior of the home and may also plan an exterior makeover, but the porch or front door is oftentimes ignored. A clean and tidy front door area is a terrific way to set the tone and provide a good first impression. Consider a fresh coat of paint for the front door and some healthy pot plants, if space allows. There should not be dying plants in hanging baskets that haven’t been tended to for a while or old and untidy door mats.

The Smell of Freshly Baked Goods 

It has been proven that certain smells will help to sell your home. One of the top tips of all time is to have the smell of freshly baked goods in the kitchen, which then permeates through the home when you’ve got viewings. If you’re not into baking yourself and don’t have the time, then simply pick something up at the nearest deli, like freshly baked bread or some muffins and cake and leave it to air in the kitchen. You’ll be amazed at how the smell of home and homeliness (read freshly baked goods) can make a significant positive impression on all those that come to the viewing.

Moving the family to a new home and out of the current one can be a tricky period for us all. The tips above will allow us all to engage with and get involved in the process to sell and ensure that it is as fast and as seamless as possible.

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