Curried Mackerel Fishcakes

This recipe for Curried Mackerel Fishcakes uses Princes Canned Mackerel Fillets and can be made in next to no time using store cupboard ingredients. As a busy working Mum I want to be able to create meals for my family that are not only tasty, but nutritious and speedy too. After all, with after school […]

Roast Turkey with Paprika and Chorizo

                            This Roast Turkey with Paprika and Chorizo would make a great alternative to more traditional roast turkey flavours used on Christmas Day. With Christmas Day looming, I am sure many of you have already bought or ordered your turkeys now ready for […]

The Perfect Christmas Dinner with Crisp ‘n Dry #Ad

How to make the perfect Christmas dinner with Crisp ‘n Dry (a collaboration) Making Christmas Dinner can be very daunting. I remember very clearly the first time I made one and I was scared. Having always had my Mum’s delicious Christmas dinners on Christmas Day, which quite honestly is the best one, I probably put […]

Bonfire Night Bangers

Remember, remember – yes it is the 5th of November! The boys are very excited about going to see some fireworks tonight, I am just hoping that the wet weather, that only started yesterday, which is just typical for this time of year after a couple of weeks of perfect dry weather, will stay away […]

Turkey Chilli Con Carne #knorrnaturallytasty

There is so much in the news nowadays about going back to basics with home cooking, cutting out artificial ingredients and including more natural, home grown ingredients. As a Mum I want to ensure my boys have a good balance diet, and yes they eat biscuits, crisps and chocolate – how many children don’t? BUT […]