Fish Finger Sarnies with Young’s

Fish Finger Sarnies with Young’s

We love fish fingers in my house. They are always a popular tea time meal served with mash and peas/baked beans, and one that is requested a lot by my children. I recall as a child myself that if they were available on a kids menu whenever we ate out as a family, I would always choose them to eat, even when I became too big to eat off the children’s menu!!

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Homemade Fish Fingers

I really enjoy eating fish but unfortunately my OH only likes it white, plain and covered in either breadcrumbs or mixed with mash potato – i.e. fish fingers or fish cakes! So if I make myself a fish pie or cook myself a piece of fish it is just for me, although I am trying to get the boys to like fish so I can share the fish supper love with them!
So when Keith said that the theme for this weeks Recipe Shed is TASTE OF THE SEA, I thought I would wow you (ha ha!)  with my homemade fish fingers which the OH will at least eat – even though he says afterwards that they taste too fishy for him and he prefers a well know fish finger that used to have a man with a white beard advertise them!

1 decent sized cod steak per person, cut into equal strips (about 4)
1 weetabix (optional)
100g breadcrumbs
1 egg, beaten
1 lemon zest
oregano (or you could use parsley if you prefer)
black pepper
olive oil
*Pre-heat the oven to 200oC/18oC fan
* Lightly grease a baking tray with olive oil
*cut the cod steaks into finger portions
*mix the breadcrumbs, (weetabix), lemon zest, black pepper and oregano together and place in a flat dish or plate
*put the beaten egg into a bowl
*dip the strips of cod in to the egg
*then put the egg covered strips into the breadcrumbs
*once all the fingers are covered place baking tray into oven and cook for about 22 minutes
* once cooked dish up straight away and I think they are best served with homemade chips and peas 

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