5 Fun and Easy Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Need ideas for your son or daughter’s next birthday? If you’re both tired of ordering the same old generic cakes from the grocery store, and intimidated by those royal, exquisite looking cakes you probably see on Pinterest, there are still plenty of options for you.

You can make a fun yet easy birthday cake for your child without slaving in the kitchen for hours. Here are five fun birthday cakes that you and your kids will adore.

1. Decorate It Yourself Grocery Store Cake

Your kids will surely have a blast both making and eating this birthday cake, as they can do it pretty much by themselves. This is also the simplest idea which requires the least work on your behalf. All you have to do is order a plain, undecorated sheet cake, and lots of candy and sprinkles.

When you put in your cake order, be sure to let them know you want nothing on the cake except for the words “Happy Birthday (name)”. When you take the cake home, let your kids go crazy decorating it with all kinds of candy and sprinkles. Be sure to take lots of pictures. The prices for a plain cake are very affordable, so you do not have to worry in regards to money either. You can check out Target bakery cakes, for example. Their varied options are suitable for any requests and budgets.

2. Aquarium Cake

This is a simple yet adorable cake you can make yourself. Cover a rectangular sheet cake in blue icing. Then, you can get creative with the decorating: use Swedish Fish candy for colorful sea life and cut up green Airhead candy as seaweed. You can also try decorative candy pearls from the baking aisle as bubbles, or yellow icing at the bottom of the cake as sand. 

In addition, some people have used crushed-up graham crackers as “sand” either at the bottom of the cake or piled in the center to form a cute little “tropical island”. 

3. Doughnut Tower Cake

Birthday cakes for kids don’t have to be traditional. This is an easy alternative to buying a birthday cake. All you have to do is find well-decorated doughnuts and arrange them in a serving dish to make it look like a cake. That means, when it’s time to blow out the candles, there’s no need to cut the cake– just hand out doughnuts. 

This idea is also perfect for a baby’s first birthday, in place of a traditional “cake smash”. Just stick a birthday candle in a pile of brightly-colored doughnuts, and it makes for a unique first birthday Instagram photo.

4. Pinata Cake

No need to string up a paper-mache donkey in your backyard this year; the pinata and the cake are all tied into one with this colorful idea. 

This is the same idea that has been used for gender reveal parties, using either blue or pink candy at the cake’s center. All you do is cut a hole into the very center of your cake and fill it with candy, such as gummy bears. Then, when you cut open the cake, your kids will be shocked to watch candy pour out of its center! See an in-detail recipe here

5. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

This alternative idea is a cupcake that looks like ice cream. You start by baking the cupcakes inside of an ice cream cone. Then, you top them with a fluffy swirl of white icing, and sprinkles, if you desire. The result is a precious finger food that’s fit for any kid’s birthday. 

So, in short, birthday cakes for kids don’t have to be expensive, nor difficult. You can provide your kids with the best birthday cake ever without breaking the bank. Did you try any of these ideas? Let us know which was your favorite!



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