How to Put on the Best Birthday Party for a 6 Year Old.

Now your kid is 6 years old they’ll probably have made their first close friends at school. A birthday party is a great opportunity to bring everyone together to celebrate. 

If you’ve never held a birthday party for kids before you might be wondering what kind of things will make it a fun and memorable day. Below are some of our ideas on how to make it a special day your little one won’t forget. 

Have a Theme

Choose a theme to make it extra memorable. Kids love dressing up, especially as their favorite movie or book characters. If there’s been a film out recently that you watched at the cinema that your kid loved, you could have that as the theme. For example, Harry Potter or The Lion King are popular choices that offer a range of fancy dress options. If your kid likes sport you could have a football or baseball themed party. 

Don’t forget to decorate the house, too. Have bunting and birthday banners and theme related extras lying around. If you have a Gruffalo theme you can make Gruffalo party food. There are loads of great theme ideas, just think about something that your child is interested in and they’ll want to dress up as. 

Party Games

Plan out some party games for the kids to play. It’s best to thing up a few ideas in case some of them aren’t very popular. If kids are loving one game, you don’t need to rush onto the next game, let them play it a little longer.

Some games you could play are:

  • Treasure Hunt. Hide sweets or treasure around the party area before guests arrive then task the kids with finding the objects. After they’ve found them, share them equally so no one feels left out.
  • Bouncy Castle. Hiring a small bouncy castle is always a great hit at birthday parties.
  • Simon Says. Children must do exactly what you say, but only if you say ‘Simon says’ first. This is a classic kids game.
  • Pass the Parcel. Sit everyone in a circle and pass a parcel around with lots of layers of wrapping. Whoever holds the parcel when the music stops has to unwrap a layer.

Gift Opening

Once you’ve played the party games, this is a good time for the presents to be opened. Kids who have bought presents will want to see them being opened. Try playing spin the bottle, and your kid has to open a present off whoever the bottle lands on.

If you’re buying gifts for the 6 year old, make sure that you get something suitable for their age. If it’s not your kid it can be tricky to know what to buy them. If you’re stuck for ideas there are some cool gifts ideas here

Birthday Cake

Just after you’ve opened the presents is a good time to present them with the birthday cake. This is usually a highlight of the party and don’t forget to sing happy birthday! Here you’ve got an opportunity to do something different that the standard cake from the store. Look at some of our favorite birthday cake ideas that are fun and easy to make yourself. 

Make a Timeline

Have everything you want to do in a timeline. It will be hard to keep it exact, but if you plan the day and get organized it will make life a lot easier. Give everyone a time for the guests to arrive, then have times set throughout the day for party games, food, presents and birthday cake.


Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to throw an amazing birthday party for your 6 year old. Have fun! 

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