A Gruffalo Party

Here I share some fun and tasty party food ideas for a Gruffalo Party. Perfect for any Gruffalo fan, from Owl Ice Cream cakes to Scrambled Snake and more.

“It’s terribly kind of you owl, but no – I’m going to have tea with a gruffalo”

It was Burton’s 3rd birthday last Sunday (15th). I decided several months ago that I would use the Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child stories as themes for his party food. I thought I would share my party food ideas that I made for his Gruffalo Party.


For a while now I have had my list of what foods I could use for things such as scrambled snake, gruffalo pie and roasted fox. The only thing I had been worried about was how on earth I would be able to make a Gruffalo themed birthday cake. Thankfully, Burton decided about a month ago that he wanted something different for his cake *heaves huge sigh of relief*

(how to make a rainbow chocolate cake here)
Anyway, here is how I went about creating Burton’s birthday tea with a gruffalo.
“………he’s down by the lake eating gruffalo cake….”
I chose to make individual rice crispy cakes, but little chocolate cupcakes would have been perfect too. Then I simply decorated each one to look like the gruffalo’s face

“and his favourite food is owl ice cream….” 

using the ice cream cone cupcake recipe that I posted here I then decorated each cone as follows

“…… he is somewhere nearby eating gruffalo pie”
rather than make actual pie, I made mini muffin pizza’s instead as I thought these would appeal to children more. Again, I tried to decorate each one with a gruffalo face as shown below
“…and his favourite food is scrambled snake”
an easy one, popcorn mixed with jelly snake sweets
Here are some of the other foods mentioned in the stories
The log pile house could have been chocolate mini rolls but I wanted to have more savoury snacks,
and gruffalo crumble could have been mini apple crumbles, but again I felt that strawberries and meringues had more child appeal.
Other foods I used for the party included
green grapes – .“..poisonous warts at the end of his nose”
purple grapes – “….purple prickles all over his back”
cheese chunks – ..”terrible teeth”
bread sticks – branches
I really enjoyed putting it all together despite how tiring it all was. However, next time I host a children’s party I must remember not to make as much food, because I had a lot left over!!

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A Gruffalo Party 

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  1. You are SO clever! I especially love the rice krispie cakes and the owl ice cream cones.
    Even the small details (grapes, cheese etc) are genious.
    Well done you xx

  2. Oh my God you are wonderwoman! When we were discussing this a few months ago I couldn’t really ‘see’ it all, now I’m just astounded!

  3. WOW! That is amazing! H adores the Gruffalo, I will have to bear your inspiration in mind if he still loves it for his birthday.

  4. I read this and felt sick! For G’s first birthday party I ordered adult food, champagne, beer etc…and forgot to order, let alone bake her a cake. I managed to find one from my local cafe that was not cut in slices yet at 8am. Now reading this post I might hire you as our party planner come October. Burton is truly and utterly lucky!

  5. What an amazing party, the owl ice creams are my favourite. I remember wondering what the eyes were when I first saw the picture! You really should be a children’s party caterer, you would be fantastic!!!

  6. This is all just fabulous Jenny- totally amazing and I am so impressed. What a lucky boy Burton is. I want to have you at my 30th as the party planner please! 😉

  7. Wow what a fantastic party! I’d have helped you with all that yummy food…eating it I mean! You are very creative Jenny! Love Burton’s Audi, wish I could have one for myself.

  8. wow, I can see why you had food left over…when you said you didn’t think the cake was big enough I didn’t realise you already had ice cream cakes & crispy cakes! As the years go on & you do more parties the food gets less…until you just give them a sandwich & some crisps in a paper bag! haha x

  9. You are genius! am so impressed. Looks brilliant, love all the ideas. Lucky Burton and Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  10. That is genius food! I particlarly like the scrambled snake! Hadn’t realised you were celebrating a birthday this week too. I wonder which of us spent the most time on food that didn’t get eaten?? 😉

  11. don’t feel sick – maybe i have given you some ideas for her next birthday party – and if you want any help with ideas please ask as I love thinking them up x

  12. Just reading this again and considering blatantly stealing the idea for Louka’s 1st birthday either that or I’m thinking rainbow theme or /hungry caterpillar. Got to make the most of him not having an opinion!

    ( yes I realise its 6 months away but y’know got to think about these things lol)

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