Picnic Pitta Pockets

I love going on a picnic even if it is only sat in the garden!! Picnics bring back happy childhood memories for me as we would often eat al fresco at weekends while enjoying the fresh air, especially with my grandparents. I think that is why I am keen to take Burton and Jenson on […]

Easter Bunny Tea

Having spent this afternoon watching the film Hop, it set me in the mood to make the boys an Easter Bunny themed tea. Afterall, Easter is not all about chocolate eggs, although, they are delicious of course! Seeing as though it is the hopping, twitchy nosed, furry creature who is meant to deliver the Easter […]

Cheerios Heart Bunting

I am not a very crafty or arty person and I do not take on many challenges which involve sticky back plastic, glue, scissors and imagination, because my end result never seems to mirror what I had envisaged in my head!!! And to think I grew up wanting to be a Blue Peter presenter!!!

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