Breakfast Fruity Face Toppers with Princes Cans Of Fruit In Juice


Princes have launched a Rethink Mornings campaign to encourage families to shake up their normal morning routines at breakfast time, by using tinned fruit in juice, instead of fresh or frozen. I know as a Mum to two boys now at school, that breakfast time can be busy and sometimes rushed if we are running late, but I want to ensure that my children start the day in the right way, by eating a breakfast that is nutritious, filling and tasty.

However, peeling and chopping fresh fruit can be time consuming and sometimes fresh fruit is not always readily available at home if you did not get a chance to pop and buy some the day before, or maybe it has gone past its best to be eaten by your children. However, Princes canned fruit in juice are the perfect solution because they can be kept in your cupboard as they have a long shelf life, and are ready to use anytime. Plus the fruit requires no peeling or washing and sometimes no slicing either, all of which saves time, which is important on a busy school morning!


Fruit on show

Easy to open too with their ring pulls, Princes small cans of fruit in juice are an affordable and speedy option for tasty, healthy breakfasts and count towards one of your five-a-day.


I was asked by Princes to devise some fun fruity face toppers using their tinned fruit in juice, which are quick and easy to prepare and a fun way to encourage your children to eat fruit, and a healthy breakfast.


I created three breakfast fruity face toppers based on easy to recognise characters that most children should be familiar with.

Gruffabowlo – based on the Gruffalo
Faces Still4 Gruffabowlo

Hangry Bird – inspired by angry birds
Faces Still 5 Hangry Bird

Clowning Around – a happy clown face
Faces Still 2 clowning around

I used instant porridge as the base for my Princes fruity face toppers, as it is quick to make in the microwave, and a breakfast which is packed full of goodness for children, and parents too, of course. Plus adding fruit to porridge, or any cereal, is a brilliant way of adding natural sweetness in place of sugar.


I find with my own children that by making food fun and cheerful, they are more likely to want to eat it because they find it more exciting.



I made a little video explaining my three Breakfast Fruity Face Toppers hacks using the royally good Princes canned fruit in juice, which you can see here.

What fruit faces could you and your family come up with using Princes cans of fruit in juice at breakfast time?

This post and the video were created in collaboration with Princes

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