The 10 Most Popular Recipes of 2017 ( Mummy Mishaps )

A look at the 10 most popular recipes of 2017 on my blog. These are the recipes that had the most views throughout last year.

I have seen a few fellow bloggers compile a list of their favourite recipes of the last year, or their most popular over the last few days. It is something I have never done before, but seeing as though I have not blogged for over 2 weeks now, due to enjoying a Christmas break, I thought it would be a nice post to start my new year of blogging with. Therefore, let me show you which 10 recipes have been the most popular on my blog during 2017.

While checking my blog stats in order to compile this blog post, I was surprised to see that all of the recipes featured in this top 10 are ones that were created pre 2017, and in fact are ones that have been popular for some years now. 

Anyway, without any further ado, let me reveal the:

 The 10 Most Popular Recipes of 2017 

Number 1 : Slow Cooker Roast Beef

This is my most popular recipe ever. It is not surprising because it is so easy to recreate being made in a slow cooker. It always gets a lot of hits on Sundays and especially over the festive period. During the summer months it does decrease in popularity, no doubt because people prefer salads,BBQ’s and picnics when it is warmer, weather. However, it soon picks up again once the kids return to school in September. During 2017 alone, this recipe had 189,663 views.

Number 2 : Slow Cooker Gammon

Again, another joint of meat cooked in the slow cooker has proved to be extremely popular in 2017, and this is my second most viewed recipe of all time behind the beef. Last year this was viewed 132,160 times.

Number 3Malteser MaltEaster Bunny & Mini Egg Chocolate Cake

This cake has really taken off since I first blogged the recipe in 2016. Obviously it is only really searched for around Easter but due to lots of Pinterest sharing this is now my 5th most viewed recipe of all-time. Last year alone this pretty cake was viewed 19,666 times. 

Number 4:  Malteser and Chocolate Finger Cake

This was a birthday cake for my Step Dad a few years ago and is very popular. I know that using Maltesers and chocolate fingers on cakes are everywhere on the internet, but I made this cake about 4 years ago now and back then it was a bit different due to my inclusion of white chocolate fingers. This cake received 13,730 views last year. 

Number 5: Homemade Toffee Crisp Bars

I actually made this recipe in collaboration with Good To Know a few years ago. Looking at the picture, I think I need to make another batch soon (well in a month or so as I want to lay off the sweet treats for a few weeks after my festive indulgences!). Last year this recipe was viewed 12,355 times. 

Number 6: Malteser Rocky Road 

Oh I adore this recipe and make it quite often because it is so moreish and never lasts long! It is so easy to make too. This recipe was visited 11,286 times. 

Number 7: Malteser and Nutella Cheesecake 

I actually first blogged this recipe about 4 years ago, complete with a photo taken on my iPhone, in the old blogging days before I started using a proper camera for my blog photos. This recipe had done ok in the past. However, it suddenly started receiving a lot more views back in October/November 2017, after a video for a cheesecake with the same name went viral and people started searching for the title on the internet, and came across my recipe instead! As a result, I remade the dessert and took some better photos, aswell as made a video also, to make it more impressive for anyone who accidentally stumbled across it. Last year this recipe was visited 10,693 times and clearly that other video helped, because previously it has only ever had 2.5k hits in 4 years!

Number 8: Maltesers Pouring Cake

I have made this cake twice now, and it is a bit fiddly too be fair, and not one to make on a hot summers day, for obvious melting chocolate reasons! However, it is popular for my stats and last year it was viewed 5,957 times.

Number 9: Malteser Rocky Road Xmas Pud

It is no surprise to me that this recipe is always popular during December. I mean, what it not to like? This was such fun to make and is so delicious to eat, and again soon disappears once it has been cut into! I remade this last month so I could video the recipe and it got lots of views during the last 2 weeks of December. In 2017, this recipe was viewed 5,901 times.

Number 20 : Beer Battered Yorkshire Puddings

I was surprised to see this in my top 10 of the year. Nevertheless this recipe received 3,620 views last year.

So there you have it – the 10 biggest viewed recipes on my blog during 2017. Funnily enough Maltesers featured in many of them! 

Have you ever attempted any of the recipes mentioned here?

Please do let me know if you have and if you ever try one, please do take photo and post it on my facebook page so I can see it for myself. I would love to see who tries out my recipes, and the finished creations. xx


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  1. Happy New Year Jenny! Fantastic selection of delicious sweet and savoury choices. I’m loving all these New Year Top 10 posts from all the bloggers 🙂 It’s great to see what recipes grab people! xx

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