1. ooh great idea & looking oh so festive. I need to make one of these for the non Christmas pudding fussy eater that we have coming for dinner! x

  2. O. M. G. YOu have cracked it with this recipe. I would love a slice of this right now, who wants to wait for Christmas? Yum

  3. Donna

    I’ve just made this and I think I may have made a blunder….the marshmallows all melted into then mixture and the maltesers were similar. Think I should’ve waited for then chocolate to cool a bit more but was worried if I didn’t get it all costed whilst still warm then it wouldn’t cover? Hopefully it will look and taste ok?

  4. Chris Keene

    Made this twice and love it.. Made a couple of tweaks which I think makes it even better. ( my opinion of course )
    Replace the cherries with cranberries and pour milk chocolate over the pudding as well and before the white chocolate.

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