Malteser Rocky Road

Malteser Rocky Road  includes Malteser chocolates in the recipe to make an even more delicious version of an already amazing no bake treat.

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I adore rocky road, it has to be my favourite non bake tray bake to maker and eat. I also love Maltesers chocolates, so imagine combing the two in one great tasting treat? Make way for my delicious Malteser Rocky Road.

One of my favourite cakes treats is rocky road, which is not really a cake because it does not require baking in an oven so I guess it is more of a biscuit? Well, whatever it is or should be, all I know is that it tastes delicious and I rarely make it because I am not able to hold myself back from eating it and a lot of it!

Back along I had some Maltesers that had not been eaten by my family (shock horror!), and all the other ingredients needed to make a rocky road so I decided to make a batch using Maltesers as an extra burst of yumminess inside it!

Rocky road is so easy to make and a perfect recipe for children to help make too, as long as they have adult supervision when melting the butter, chocolate and golden syrup on the hob. I mean, what child would not enjoy beating and bashing biscuits with a rolling pin to make crumbs? (If you have no child helpers for this, you can use a food processor to do this for you of course!).


So here is my Maltesers Rocky Road recipe if you fancy going it a go yourself

Malteser Rocky Road
Yields 16
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  1. 300g milk chocolate
  2. 200g biscuits - I used digestives
  3. 3 tbsp golden syrup
  4. 125g unsalted butter
  5. 100g marshmallows (I used mini white ones)
  6. 1 grab bag (121g) of Maltesers
  7. 1 std bag (37g) of Maltesers
  8. 200g milk chocolate
  1. Grease and line a deep baking tin – I used a 9inch square tin
  2. Bash the biscuits (I do this with a rolling pin in a freezer bag covered with a tea towel) to crush them and make crumbs – note they don’t need to be uniformed like when making a cheesecake I like to have some bits bigger than others. Leave to one side
  3. Keeping back 16 Maltesers for later, take your bag of Maltesers and bash with your rolling pin a few times to make them all sorts of shares and sizes.
  4. Place the chocolate, syrup and butter into a saucepan and heat gently to melt all the ingredients together
  5. Remove from the heat and stir in the biscuit crumbs and marshmallows until everything is covered in the sticky chocolate sauce. Then add the Maltesers and stir again
  6. Pour the mixture into your greased baking tin and place in the fridge for a couple of hours to set.
  7. Melt the chocolate and then pour over the rocky road base, top with 16 Maltesers and leave to cool and set
  8. Carefully remove from your tin and cut into 16 portions and enjoy
  9. Keep in the fridge in a tupperware tub to preserve its deliciousness!
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This Malteser Rocky Road is amazing – and trust me it did not last long I cant tell you!


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  1. I am happy and home! These look amazing Jenny, thanks for joining in, off to pin and share x

  2. Can you tell me please what weight is in a standard bag and grab bag of maltesers.Also what size bag goes into the main mixture.Thanks

    1. Hi I have added the recipe to include the size of the bags, sorry for omitting that before I was being a lazy blogger! But its 121g for the large bag and 37g for the small one . As long as you have 16 Maltesers left for decorating, then all the rest are added to the mixture. Hope this helps x

    1. This is absolutely fabulous.Everyone who has tried it says it’s the bestI used Cadburys milk chocolate.I have to be honest I used 300g chocolate for the top.Extravagant I know( kept a look out for special offers) but boy is it worth it.Thanks from one happy Granny and family!!

  3. My son loves Maltesers but hates Rocky Road because he ate the Ice Cream version and he absolutely Hated it. Hopefully he will try a little bit of this…

  4. Best Maltese slice ever made ,I bake for a charity and this goes down a bomb keep getting asked in the office to bring some in every week .Thank You for your delicious recipe X

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