Slow Cooker Chocolate Orange Cake

This Slow Cooker Chocolate Orange Cake is very easy to make and your slow cooker/crock pot does all the hard work for you, giving you time to get on with other important non-cake stuff!                             In all the years that I have […]

Gin and Tonic Drizzle Cake

This Gin and Tonic Drizzle Cake is moist and zingy and has a subtle gin after taste after every delicious mouthful. A couple of weeks ago one of my school friend Mum’s tagged me on Facebook on a gin and tonic cheesecake recipe video, so basically hinting that she would love for me to make […]

Coffee and Walnut Cake

This Coffee and Walnut Cake is such a classic tea time favourite, and this version contains walnuts in the batter and frosting too. My Nanny loves Coffee and Walnut Cake and it is one of her favourite cakes to enjoy with a cup of tea. It was her birthday the other week and she turned […]

Malteser & Chocolate Finger Celebration Cake

This Malteser and Chocolate Finger Celebration Cake is the perfect choice for that chocoholic cake loving person in your life. I often get asked to make celebration cakes for friends, and a while ago I was asked to make a retirement cake for my friend’s Mum who was leaving her job of 30 odd years […]