1. I need more friends like you! What a lovely gift!! The bunnies make me laugh though…they all look rather scared – like someone’s lined them up to shoot them (or is it just me who sees that…?) I love your idea for a very quick and easy frosting…going to have to try that…beats creaming butter and sieving lumpy icing sugar and I bet it tastes fab 🙂 Eb x

  2. FreeFromFairy

    What a beautiful looking cake! Alas since I no longer eat sugar it wouldn’t be for me…as much as I’d like it to be!!

  3. This is SO pretty! My nieces would lose their little minds if they saw this, so I think I’ll have to make one for them at Easter. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

  4. Wow! This is awesome 🙂 Came across this recipe on Pinterest and it’s got my creative juices flowing. I’m not usually one for baking, but this is too pretty not to give it a go 🙂

    Thanks for the in-depth recipe 😀


  5. choclette

    What an absolutely fantastic cake. Just love the way you’ve got all those bunnies jumping around. I know what you mean about Easter – one month before is plenty and the same goes for Christmas. Thanks for sharing with #WeShouldCocoa.

  6. Ebs

    The cake was very lovely! Although it was very thin for my liking!
    Next time I will double the batter mix!
    I also used a different icing because I could not find a good chocolate spread!

    • Oh no sorry to hear that your sponges were thin. Mine always rise well and are big enough. I guess different ovens can make a difference? Glad it tasted good though x

  7. Vicki

    Hi am in the process of making this for Easter this weekend. Any top tips on making sure the bunnies stay stuck on the icing please? Xx

    • Hi Vicki – just make sure your buttercream/frosting is not dry. So as soon as you add your frosting stick on your bunnies. If it dries a little, add some frosting to back of each bunny then stick on. Good luck – please pop a photo of it on fb and tag me if you make it xx

  8. Natalie

    If I want to make this the day before how do I store it, is it ok left out at room temperature or does it need to go in the fridge because if the cream cheese frosting?

    • Hello, it is fine to make this cake the easy before. the frosting will keep for a few days. Best to keep it somewhere cold/cool especially when the weather is warmer if you can. I hope it works out well for you x

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