White Chocolate & Mini Egg Cheesecake

This delicious White Chocolate & Mini Egg Cheesecake is a little different due to its Krispy cake base
White Chocolate & Mini Egg Cheesecake

Easter is a fun holiday because there are so many fun activities I can do with my boys, to get them in the mood for the Easter weekend. We always find the time to decorate easter baskets, make easter cards, have an easter hunt (at home and normally at an organised event held locally), and we always enjoy decorating easter bonnets.


Such an eggciting time of year ha ha! Taking of eggcellent things to do at easter, how about making this White Chocolate & Mini Egg Cheesecake? Simply scrummy! It is very easy to make as it is a non cook cheesecake, and just requires a few hours in the fridge to chill and set. 


What makes this cheesecake a little bit different, and I think more Easter-like, is that the base is a chocolate krispy nest!! Afterall, those little krispy Easter nests that we all made as children inside paper cake cases I think go hand in hand with Easter, so I decided to make a giant sized one to sit underneath my creamy mini egg filled and topped white chocolate cheesecake filling. Turning a child like treat into an adult sized dessert.



Here is how I made my White Chocolate & Mini Egg Cheesecake

White Chocolate & Mini Egg Cheesecake
Serves 12
a delicous non bake creamy, white chocolate and mini egg cheesecake on top of a chocolate rice kripy base.
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  1. 200g rice krispies
  2. 75g unsalted butter
  3. 200g milk chocolate
  4. 3 tbsp maple syrup
  5. 200g full fat cream cheese
  6. 3 tbsp white chocolate spread
  7. 250ml double cream
  8. 1 packet of mini, min eggs (or regular sized ones will also do)
  9. large mini eggs for decoration (mine came from Waitrose)
  1. line an 9 inch loose bottomed cake tin
  2. Melt the butter, maple syrup and chocolate together over a moderate heat, to make a gooey sauce, stirring often so as to avoud the mixture getting burnt
  3. Place the rice krispies into a large mixing bowl
  4. Pour over the gooey sauce and mix well, to ensure that all of the krispies are covered
  5. press the mixture down into the base of the tin
  6. leave to cool - but cover with foil to avoid it going too soft too soon
  7. meanwhile to make the cheesecake filling, place the cream and the cream cheese into a bowl and whisk together until it thickens, but you do not want it stiff.
  8. Add the white chocolate spread and the mini eggs which need to be smashed, to do this simply bash them inside their bag with a rolling pin - and beat for another minute or so
  9. pour the cheesecake filling over the krispy base and smooth over
  10. cover with foil or if you have one, a cake carrier and chill for at least 3 hours
  11. Decorate with your bigger mini eggs before serving
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 This was deeeeelicious! I took it to my playgroup and it went down a treat. Obviously, the base does go a little soft but no one complained about that! It was eaten the day after it was made, so if it is eaten on the day you make it the base might be alittle crisper. There again, kripsy cakes made  this way always tend to be gooey rather than crispy, like ones made from just covering in melted chocolate! This may well be remade for Easter Sunday,  because it is such a good egg inspired Easter dessert.

Talking of Good Eggs (see what I did there?), Waitrose are asking people to be ‘Good Eggs’ and upload their photos of any Easter fun activities they are taking part in, in the run up to the Easter weekend. This could be homemade delicious easter food , fun crafts, easter egg hunts or your children in easter fancy dress, on social media. All photos need to carry the hashtag #GoodEggs and of course include @Waitrose so they can see how many of you are being Good Eggs, because throughout this campaign lucky participants will be chosen to recieve an Easter gift. The gifts include Heston’s Golden Easter Eggs, hampers, cases of wine, Waitrose vouchers and Waitrose Cookery School vouchers. The #GoodEggs is being used to show support of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, as Waitrose will be making a donation to this charity aswell as delivering lots of chocolate eggs for the children to enjoy over Easter.

I was asked to create a recipe to help promote the #GoodEgg initiative and was sent a shopping voucher to cover the cost of the ingredients, and some goodies to inspire me


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