Slow Cooker Gammon

Slow Cooker Gammon is very easy to prepare and even easier to cook. Minimal effort for maximum taste!

slow cooker gammon

Cooking a joint of gammon in the slow cooker is easy peasy. Seriously, you just need two things – a slow cooker and a joint of gammon. That is it! You don’t believe me, do you? Well, let me show you just how easy it is.

Easy Slow Cooker Gammon 

Firstly, just to slow cook a joint of gammon with no added flavours , you simply need :
1 joint of gammon – smoked or unsmoked, the choice is yours. 
For best results, soak your gammon overnight/for a few hours in a bowl of cold water, to rid it of any excess salt. 
Place the soaked gammon in to your slow cooker (or crock pot if you are reading this from the USA)
There really is no need to add any stock or water as the gammon will give off enough of its natural juices
Then cook as follows: 
*based on 800g piece of gammon 
 high for 3-4 hours
low for 6-7 hours
*based on larger joints ie. 1.5kg cook for
12 hours on low
 8 hours on high
After the cooking time, simply remove your ham from the slow cooker and it is done!

Ready Made Stock

Once the gammon has been removed from your slow cooker, you will discover that you have ready made ham stock left behind. This stock is perfect for use in soups and pies or even pasta dishes! If you do not want to use the ham stock straight away, allow it to cool and then you can freeze it for another time. 

Adding Flavours To Your Slow Cooker Gammon 

You can of course add flavour to your gammon joint very easily. For example, you can add any of the following to slow cook the gammon in if you wish, I have used these before and cola and ginger ale are my favourite:
cola, ginger ale, cider 
By adding these liquids, you are able to add a touch of sweetness (cola) or heat (ginger ale) to your meat. You only need to  add enough liquid to fill the slow cooker half way, once your gammon is sat inside it.  if you are able , it is helpful to turn over the ham half way through cooking. However, this is not essential as the gammon will slow cook just fine on one side and will soak up the flavours perfectly well. 
I have even cooked a piece in some Crabbies Raspberry & Ginger Beer! You can find the recipe here 

Here is a piece of slow cooker gammon that I cooked in cola (and which I did not turn over half way through). 
That is it. I told you that slow cooker gammon is very easy cooking. 
Here is a video showing you how easy it really is:


Enjoy your slow cooked gammon anyway you see fit, whether that be as a roast with vegetables and potatoes, served cold with salad or inside a sandwich. For more tips on diet and healthy eating check out this article

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  1. I love the simplicity of the recipe, sometimes I find that people put to many herbs and sauces on the meat as it tastes so lovely on it’s own. Thanks for joining into Slow Cooker Sunday

  2. Exactly the recipe I was looking for. I’m eating Paleo style and like that there is no sugary additions.

  3. Was a little skeptical about this , to the point I dare not just leave it “au natural” so added a little golden syrup in the bowl bottom. Left overnight (12-8) and turned out very well, many thanks for the cooking suggestion.

  4. First time using a slow cooker which I treated myself to. Got a beech smoked sweet cure gammon joint so I’m not adding anything sweet….just trying it plain. Will let you know if all goes well!!!

  5. I use just two ingredients, a small gammon (750g) and a tin of pineapple – put the gammon in the pot, tip the pineapple on top and put it on slow for 4hrs. I then turn off cooker and leave it to sit in the juices till cool.
    So flavoursome and tender!

  6. Don’t mess with it. Just do what she said! It’s wonderful. I woke to the wonderful scent of smoked gammon this morning. MMMMMMM Yummy……

  7. I cooked this last night and got thumbs up from everyone. I will making this very often .It was so easy and delicious ,good idea to put the pineapple in as well will try that next time.
    Many thanks

  8. With the water that the bacon cooked in l made a veggie soup …….Great way to cook bacon. Thank you

  9. Trying out a new slow cooker, cooking with diet cola …. in theory it should turn out ok. I am on Slimming World ‘diet’ and have done similar recipe using chicken breast and Diet Coke and that worked very well but not tried it with gammon. Fingers crossed lol.

  10. Didn’t use the cola to many people to feed didn’t want to risk it, just stuck to basic, was lovely , would love some more easy recipes for slow cooker , I’m new to using it

  11. I am looking forward to this. My mum who is eighty and my dad who is nearly ninety do a cracking good ham and gammon in the oven in a self basting roasting tin. I have put my small gammon joint in the slow cooker with no water stock or additional flavourings… I shall report back tomorrow….Must bookmark this web page though

  12. Living for the first time on my own. Never cook gammon before. Was amazed how easy it is to cook. Thank you very much for your help.
    I am a bit worried about slower cooker time some people say 4 hour you say 7 hour.

    1. Hi Brian,

      My time is based on cooking it on low. If I were to cook it on high then 4 hours would be about right. I am never in a rush with gammon, I tend to cook it for longer on a lower setting.
      I hope you enjoy using your slow cooker – it is a great kitchen appliance to have x

  13. Whilst the basic principle of this recipe is sound – the idea of adding stock to half fill the crock in the slow cooker is a very bad one. I’m talking about where the recipe suffix says “By adding these liquids, you are able to add a touch of sweetness (cola) or heat (ginger ale) to your meat. You only need to add enough liquid to fill the slow cooker half way, once your gammon is sat inside it” No you don’t – This causes the ham joint to cook about 4 times longer than it needs so it boils out – The whole joint disintegrates into about a dozen pieces as you try to lift it from the crock with a meat fork. Letting it go cold out on a plate draining didn’t leave it integrated enough even to slice it. The joint was ruined so ten quid down the drain for a 2 lb joint of ham.
    I wouldn’t use the slow cooker again – the conventional method of normal simmer for an hour or so according to weight works far better and you have a joint you can slice thick or thin at the end of it.

  14. I always use this method now. My son’s favourite is with a tin of pineapple (discard pineapple once meat is cooked) on high for 4 hours. It melts in your mouth. It has that pulled look which is great as I’m useless at carving.

  15. I place my gammon on a bed of dark brown sugar then pour a tin of crushed pineapple over the top. The pineapple helps to tenderise the gammon. Delicious!

  16. well just discovered this site whilst looking how to slow cook a 1.5 gammon joint very impressed at the comments . thankyou and merry christmas

  17. I’ve cooked our gammon joint in the oven for approx 20 mins on 200 degrees and poured a generous helping of honey all over the gammon. Once removed from the oven poured the juices from the joint put it in the slow cooker pinch of pepper, teaspoon of mustard for 4 hours on high. Fingers crossed.

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