Old And New Space (Flashback Friday)

Last weekend the boys Daddy started re-decorating their bedroom. We didn’t really have a theme to work on initially, because from asking the boys what they would like it wasn’t really clear. Although the most recent idea from Burton was to paint the room pink after Peppa Pig! And Jenson would probably love to have Raa Raa The Noisy Lion and friends covering the walls! Also Burton still has his Buzz Lightyear bed and although we are looking for a new bed for both him and Jenson it needs to be ones which fit in their new bedroom. I do like the look of childrens Stompa casa high sleeper bed because they incorporate an area for the boys to sit under and read and in Burton’s case do his homework. However, I think they are both a bit young for these beds at the moment,  but I will keep an eye up on any bargains that come up in the sale,  because to find cheap Stompa beds for children would be amazing.
Anyway, after visiting a soft furnishings store last Saturday we found a selection of  ‘boy’ themed ready made blackout curtains and the boys opted for a pair which displayed the solar system. So the theme is ‘space’ and as Burton pointed out his and Jenson’s bedroom will be like where astronauts go!!

Their Daddy has already painted the walls a mix of electric blue and then midnight blue for the walls and ceiling by the boys beds so that the darker coloured walls can be covered in glow in the dark 3D planet and star stickers. This is the same as he did in the boys bedroom on the ceiling at our former home.

I can still remember Burton’s little face when he first saw his newly decorated bedroom back then. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he say the Toy Story characters on his walls and his new Buzz Lightyear bed!
 It was so wonderful to see and I must dig out and watch the video clip we took at the time as it has been a long time since I saw it.
However, as much as I can recall his face and how amazing the room looked I had forgotten how little Burton looked! Prior to his room being transformed, he had slept in his cot so it was a big day introducing him to his new big boy bed. I bought him some new pj’s for the occasion and Daddy captured him that night at bedtime after his bath posing in his new bed attire and new bedroom.
Look at how well little he is, he would have been almost 2 years old (taken in May 2011 and he was 2 in July)
Oh and the smile. Awwww it makes me smile because that was one of the many ‘smile’ phases he had. The ‘smiling while kind of winking/squinting’ smile no less!
Seeing him now, so tall and lean and with his short big boy hair it seems so hard to imagine that 2 years ago he looked like this.
*big sigh*
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Big Boy’s Room

I was going to wait for Silent Sunday to post a photo of this…….but too excited so am going to post my photos on my blog today instead!!
So another milestone in Burton’s life has been reached this weekend – he has moved out of his cot and into a big boys bed. Despite his over exuberance in other areas of the house with regards to chairs, stairs the sofa etc… he never actually tried to climb out of his cot which I was surprised (and relieved!) about. Still, at 22 months of age we felt it was time to make the transition from cot to bed.
Due to his love of all things Toy Story, we decided to not only move him into a bed but decorate his room in this theme too. While looking on line for ideas, the OH came across a Buzz Lightyear Spaceship bed – perfect for all budding space cadets!! With the bed sorted we found other Toy Story decor items and his new room was turned from a room with magnolia coloured walls and ceiling to this:

The ceiling is covered with glow in the dark stars and planets

For all you Toy Story fans you will see that we decorated the walls to look like Andy’s bedroom in Toy Story 2, blue with clouds.

The border is also glow in the dark, and the toys are stickers but they look so real!

It really does look amazing – top marks to my OH for putting it all together.
As you can imagine, when Burton saw his room for the first time I don’t think he could quite believe his eyes! He was excitedly pointing and flapping his arms, and he ‘hugged’ each Toy Story character and kissed them! He likes his bed and happily took a nap

It’s so good in his room, he doesn’t want to leave it now 🙂
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