How To Make Playdough

I am not very creative when it comes to arty crafty things and I always have mummy envy when I see all these other mummies (and sometimes daddies) making marvellous creations with their children. I have wanted to have a go at making home made play dough for ages but always thought it woould be too hard or I woudn’t manage it well.
 However, I was recently sent a book to review – ‘Don’t You Dare’ by Sharky and George – which contains lots of ideas of how to make things, as well as games to play indoors and outdoors and activities to have a go at. The book includes a recipe for home made play dough so I decided to have a go at following the instructions. If you have never made it yourself either before, I urge you to try it is actually VERY easy and did not take long to make – wooo hoooo! And it is very satisfying to see the finished results – I enjoyed poking my fingers at it once it was made and cooled down, and feeling all pleased with my efforts lol
*(the recipe didn’t include the vanilla extract I added this myself and I added a bit mnore food colouring than it stated to make a more colourful dough)
Here is how you make Homemade Playdough

Allow the play dough to cool down completely before allowing little hands to play with it. 
The play dough was great and I was chuffed with my first attempt. It was extremely plyable and didnt have that scent that bought play dough does which was much nicer in my opinion. The boys loved it and spent all morning playing with it today!!! 
**It must be kept inside a plastic tub with a lid after each use to keep it fresh.**

So in a nutshell

Why not have a go yourself? If I dared to do it, then anyone can manage it!!
I was sent a copy of
for the purpose of this review. Many of the activties are aimed at children older than my two BUT I can imagine how much fun my brother would have had with this when he was about 7 years of age. It contains some silly things and some facts and lots of ideas to keep kids occupied which I am all for. For example, did you know that the average person farts 16 times a day? Neither did I lol.(*this* is why my brother would have found this book great fun!)  If Bear Grylls endorses the book (see front cover) then it must be pretty good !!

I was sent a copy of the book for the purpose of writing a review of it. All comments made are honest and my own. And check me out, I made play dough!!
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Old And New Space (Flashback Friday)

Last weekend the boys Daddy started re-decorating their bedroom. We didn’t really have a theme to work on initially, because from asking the boys what they would like it wasn’t really clear. Although the most recent idea from Burton was to paint the room pink after Peppa Pig! And Jenson would probably love to have Raa Raa The Noisy Lion and friends covering the walls! Also Burton still has his Buzz Lightyear bed and although we are looking for a new bed for both him and Jenson it needs to be ones which fit in their new bedroom. I do like the look of childrens Stompa casa high sleeper bed because they incorporate an area for the boys to sit under and read and in Burton’s case do his homework. However, I think they are both a bit young for these beds at the moment,  but I will keep an eye up on any bargains that come up in the sale,  because to find cheap Stompa beds for children would be amazing.
Anyway, after visiting a soft furnishings store last Saturday we found a selection of  ‘boy’ themed ready made blackout curtains and the boys opted for a pair which displayed the solar system. So the theme is ‘space’ and as Burton pointed out his and Jenson’s bedroom will be like where astronauts go!!

Their Daddy has already painted the walls a mix of electric blue and then midnight blue for the walls and ceiling by the boys beds so that the darker coloured walls can be covered in glow in the dark 3D planet and star stickers. This is the same as he did in the boys bedroom on the ceiling at our former home.

I can still remember Burton’s little face when he first saw his newly decorated bedroom back then. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he say the Toy Story characters on his walls and his new Buzz Lightyear bed!
 It was so wonderful to see and I must dig out and watch the video clip we took at the time as it has been a long time since I saw it.
However, as much as I can recall his face and how amazing the room looked I had forgotten how little Burton looked! Prior to his room being transformed, he had slept in his cot so it was a big day introducing him to his new big boy bed. I bought him some new pj’s for the occasion and Daddy captured him that night at bedtime after his bath posing in his new bed attire and new bedroom.
Look at how well little he is, he would have been almost 2 years old (taken in May 2011 and he was 2 in July)
Oh and the smile. Awwww it makes me smile because that was one of the many ‘smile’ phases he had. The ‘smiling while kind of winking/squinting’ smile no less!
Seeing him now, so tall and lean and with his short big boy hair it seems so hard to imagine that 2 years ago he looked like this.
*big sigh*
This post was brought to you as part of Flashback Friday
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Last Bike Ride In Autumn

I dont remember an autumn which lasted for so long or looked as stunning for as long as this one. Maybe its because usually we get a late warm spell and then go straight into wind and rain so the trees are not full of autumnal leaves for very long, or maybe its because we go from a rubbish summer into a rubbish autumn, i.e.. lots of rain and wind, and therefore the trees shed their leaves quicker??? I dont know, but for the last couple of months I have soooo enjoyed seeing the many shades of autumn and going on nature hunts with the boys, I will be sad to see it disappear.
Last Sunday was a beautiful day: blue skies, the sun was warm and bright making the colours of autumn really stand out on the landscape. Not to be wasted we made our way to Whistlandpound, a reservoir on the edge of Exmoor, which is about a mile and a half all the way round and is perfect for cycling or dog walking. 
We took our bikes and cameras and we, mostly my OH as he has the better camera, captured some beautiful shots of the boys set against the amazing scenery and colours of autumn. It was almost magical *sighs*  – the shimmer and sparkle of the suns rays across the reservoir, the green moss suits modelled by the trees and the brown and orange leafy carpets laid down for us to walk over.  Plus in the back of my mind, knowing that this could be the last chance to see this wonderful season before it ends and the bare branches of winter appear again (which funnily enough has no happened thanks to torrential rain and wind we have had since the middle of the week), I really wanted the couple of hours we spent there to be special.

My beautiful boys set against the backdrop of my favourite season 🙂
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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