Being Country Kids Again

Being Country Kids Again

A year ago I took the boys for our first visit to Coombe Mill which I wrote about  here. Last week we returned again to see Fiona, her wonderful farm and family and to catch up wth TBaM and her family too, as they were staying at the farm for week.

I know it has been said time and time again on blogs that I have read, written by people who have visited Coombemill themselves, but honestly, it is an amazing place. Peaceful, relaxing, calming and beautiful , it has a magic that you will only understand once you have been there yourself. When you are there, it feels like you really have escaped from the rest of the world, which if you were on holiday there I think is a good thing.

Coombemill is also the perfect place for children. I know my two would love to have it as their back garden for sure – a place where they can run freely, explore and play in all that open space. Another wonderful side to Coombemill is the opportunity the children who stay on the farm get to help feed the animals on the daily tractor feed run every morning at 9am. The feed run lasts a good hour or so and as well as feeding the various animals, the children also get to collect eggs and can even hold baby chicks and stroke the pigs, goats and chickens.

IMG_1445 (2)

IMG_1446 (2)

IMG_1447 (2)

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Our annual day trip to Coombemill is one I look forward to and I hope it is something which we are allowed to continue each summer because I just love it there. It is lovely to see Fiona and her family and catch up with friends too. If you ever get the chance, visit Coombemill because then you will know exactly what I am trying to convey.

Thank you again Fiona for letting us visit (and the tea bags and cake!) and TBaM for lunch and having us spend the day with you.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Autumn Sun & Fun (Flashback Friday)

The weather has been so beautiful the last 2 weeks and Jenson and I have been making the most of the sunny autumnal days and going for lots of walks and trips to the park while Burton has been at school. We have been wall walking, tree climbing, leaf throwing, feeding the birds, visiting the playground and catching, going on nature hunts and finding squirrels and a hungry caterpillar and (more!) conkers! And enjoying the amazing countryside in which we live. A place I take for granted most of the time, but when I walk through the park on days like we have had this past fortnight, it almost takes my breath away when I see the blue skies, big fluffy white clouds and their clear reflections on the river beneath them.

Just stunning, and I have been able to share them with my boy (and his monkey, of course!). river 2IMG_0844river3IMG_0843 (1)IMG_0845 (1)river1IMG_0838 (1)IMG_0834 (1) IMG_0824 (1) IMG_0825 (1)IMG_0828IMG_0835 (1)IMG_0840IMG_1468 (1)

It has been lovelty spending some time with just Jenson and he has really enjoyed our little trips out together. I feel sorry for Burton that he is stuck in school while his brother and I are out in such glorious fresh air, but we have been going to the park next to his school at home time so he gets to have some playtime outdoors with Jenson and his school friends before we head home for homework and tea.

Long may this weather last ………. although rain is forecast for the next few days!

This post was brought to you as part of Flashback Friday

mummy mishaps

Remember – a flashback can be from any time whether it be yesterday, last week, last month, last year or yesteryear! It can be a flashback of your own, your children, your partner or your friends.

Being Country Kids In Real Life

 I have been joining in with the brilliant Country Kids linky for well over a year now and it is one of my favourite – actually I think it is my favourite linky because of the impact it has made on my life as a mummy to my two boys. This linky has made me get out and about more with my boys. I would have always gone outside and allowed the boys some fresh air, as I am very keen on ensuring my children experience a natural childhood with lots of outdoor play and discovery. However, knowing I needed to write a post each week with photographic evidence has given me a kick up the ar*s and seen me go out in all weathers with them!
This week Burton, Jenson and I were given the opportunity to be real life Country Kids – yes we had a day trip to CoombeMill Farm. My friend TheBoyandMe and her family were staying at the farm for the week and Fiona very kindly agreed to allow the boys and I to visit for the day so we could all meet up (as was Hayley – nice to meet her after all these years of blogging and tweeting!).
 CoombeMill Farm is only 55 miles away fron me so it is not too far to travel to, and we left home early so that we would make the 9am feed run along with the holiday guests, and have a ride on the tractor and trailer. This is such a fantastic experience for the childen and adults to get their hands dirty and feed and touch the farm animals that live on Fiona and Farmer Nick’s land. My two have had some previous experience of feeding and handling/holding chickens as their grandparents keep these birds.However, for children who have not done so before this feed run allows them such a wonderful experience and opportunity to get up close and personal to these birds. And not just chickens but the pigs, donkeys and goats too.
After the feed run we had a drink and some cake with Fiona and then TheBoyandMe, her family and myself and the boys headed down to the adventure park near their holiday lodge, which has a zip wire, slide, swings, sand pit and an old tractor to climb upon.
Following a picnic kindly provided by TheBoyandMe we went to feed the pigs our scraps of food – great way of ensuring no food wastage – before heading over to the brilliant pirate ship for some more playtime adventures.
The boys made some woodland art too with some clay and using whatever was to hand, they created some faces which they were VERY proud of!
While the boys got creative with their clay and nature’s crafty bits and bobs, us adults, including Fiona who came over to meet us, made some rafts using twigs, sticks, long grass and whatever else we could find to make our sailing vessels. Then it was time to have a little raft race and it was between myself and MrTbaM (as Fiona wanted to save hers for the big race which was held Friday) whose raft was much bigger then mine it has to be said. The boys, TBaM, Fiona, some other guests and I waited patiently to see which raft would get to the bridge first……..the tension was unbearable lol and it took ages as our rafts got stuck in the river bank. MrTBaM very kindly waded into the water to rescue them! In the end, mine did come in first – but only just!
After the raft racing shinnagins, we did some stone throwing into the river and Burton and The Boy swung over the water in a rope swing and we all waded across the water to the little island – wet shoes and all!
After a shower and change of clothes it was time for the final CoombeMill treat and surprise – a train ride on the minature locomotive (*that* is said in the voice of Grandpa Pig from Peppa Pig for all you Peppa Pig fans!!)! Jenson did not want to have a ride so it was just Burton and The Boy who went round the train track circle line for about 20 minutes! It is fair to say that we did not want to leave but it was 5.45pm and I do not know how both boys kept going for so long, especially Jenson who was still running around up until he got into my car! Needless to say, they were both asleep 10 minutes into our journey home!
Before dropping off, both boys excitedly talked about all the things we had done and the animals we saw and the great day we had all enjoyed. And when we arrived home, a sleepy Burton said to me “but I wanted to drive the train Mummy!” and then they both showed Daddy every single photo which I had taken of our day at Coombe Mill, before finally going to bed.
I only spent 9 hours at Coombe Mill Farm but what an epic 9 hours they were! It is such a beautiful place, magical and welcoming and relaxing. It is remote and peaceful and a wonderful haven. I have read many posts and seen many photos of the place but it is not until you see it with your own eyes, and soak up the atmosphere that you can truly appreciate its magic.
I want to stay for a holiday now!!!!
Thank you to Fiona and TbaM for having us and giving us a really fantastic day and one which made me smile all the way on my drive home 🙂 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Staying At Home Country Kids

This month has been an expensive one. What with Britmumslive at the end of June, Burton’s birthday and the OH’s car needing a major new part after breaking down a few weeks ago, this month has been tight financially until pay day next week. This is the reason why when we saw that we were in for some sunny and hot weather, we bought the paddling pool.  OH and I decided that it was a worthy investment because it would get lots of use and would save us having to go anywhere to spend money and also reduce petrol costs. 
I have felt a little guilty that for the past two weeks we have not been anywhere much. Asides from pre school for Burton, a trip to Granma and Grampy’s and Tesco we have stayed at home.  Then again, when you have your own garden, toys, a paddling pool, a trampoline and various outdoors toys (bats, balls, basket ball hoop etc…) there is not always the need to have to go elsewhere. Plus with the extreme temperatures we have had, it is nice to be able to cool off indoors and have lots of drinks on hand. The boys and I have had a lot of fun amusing ourselves at home and in the garden and the paddling pool has been used every day.
This week we have mostly done the following:

You dont have to spend much money to keep children busy and ensure they have lots of fun and fresh air and exercise. I think my two are happy doing anything as long as we do it together and they enjoy themselves.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Making A Splash (Country Kids)

As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, all we have done outdoors this week is play with water. With it being so hot and us being able to cool off in our new paddling pool, there has not been a need to go anywhere else. It has been a week for splashing!
However, Thursday night the boys had a sleep over at Granma and Grampy’s and before they went to bed they were allowed to try out the water slide – they were so excited they didn’t even change into their swimming shorts! And the water was very cold but that did not stop them either!

  When I went to collect the boys the next morning they were in Granma’s paddling pool enjoying the warm water as she had filled the pool up with hot water (they were spoilt as Daddy only poured cold water in to our paddling pool lol!). 

And Jenson got to have a swim in our pool back at home when he had it all to himself.

What a week it has been for water play – I hope this hot weather continues for a bit longer allowing us more pool fun! ( We need to get our moneys worth!!)
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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