Autumn Sun & Fun (Flashback Friday)

The weather has been so beautiful the last 2 weeks and Jenson and I have been making the most of the sunny autumnal days and going for lots of walks and trips to the park while Burton has been at school. We have been wall walking, tree climbing, leaf throwing, feeding the birds, visiting the playground and catching, going on nature hunts and finding squirrels and a hungry caterpillar and (more!) conkers! And enjoying the amazing countryside in which we live. A place I take for granted most of the time, but when I walk through the park on days like we have had this past fortnight, it almost takes my breath away when I see the blue skies, big fluffy white clouds and their clear reflections on the river beneath them.

Just stunning, and I have been able to share them with my boy (and his monkey, of course!). river 2IMG_0844river3IMG_0843 (1)IMG_0845 (1)river1IMG_0838 (1)IMG_0834 (1) IMG_0824 (1) IMG_0825 (1)IMG_0828IMG_0835 (1)IMG_0840IMG_1468 (1)

It has been lovelty spending some time with just Jenson and he has really enjoyed our little trips out together. I feel sorry for Burton that he is stuck in school while his brother and I are out in such glorious fresh air, but we have been going to the park next to his school at home time so he gets to have some playtime outdoors with Jenson and his school friends before we head home for homework and tea.

Long may this weather last ………. although rain is forecast for the next few days!

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The Adventures of Jenson & Monkey #1

As regular visitors to my blog will know, last week was my first week without Burton as he started school. While I was devastated, putting it mildly, I do of course have another gorgeous little boy who is still here at home with me and does not have to start school until September 2015! Yaaaay 🙂

It is funny but I have never had a walking and talking toddler all to myself before as Burton was only just walking when Jenson was born, and did not talk until he was 27 months old!! Needless to say Burton and I were not able to go out on our own when he could walk as by then I had a baby and he had a brother.

As regular visitors here will also know, Autumn is my favourite season and when it is dry there is nothing I enjoy more than going out for a walk, and noctiving the subtle changes which is happening all around me, now that the summer has well and truely ended. Last Wednesday and Friday I took Jenson on a long walk to the park for some Autumnal fun.

We looked for signs of Autumn and found elderberries, blackberries (of which we picked a few although most were gone), wild mushrooms, changing leaf colours and conkers! We didnt actually find any on the ground – I lifted Jenson up so he could have a go at shaking the branches which he found hilarious! In the end I managed to break off a bit and we brought it home to show Burton. Jenson was fascinated by how prickly the outer green shell was. He also enjoyed walking through the crunchy leaves and stomping over them and hearing them scrunch under his feet. And no walk is complete without a walk along a wall and a sit under a beautiful big tree!

mushroomsCollagejconkersCollagejblacberry Collagewallwalking CollageIMG_1344 (1)

It was really, really lovely having some time with Jenson (and monkey!) just him and I and in the great Autumnal wonderland.

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Just My Jenson

I always feel a little guilty that when Burton was an only child we took so many more photos of his early days, weeks and months that we did with Jenson. My OH, a budding amateur photographer who owns lots of ‘proper’ photography kit, always claims, whenever I have a litle moan about this, that with Burton he had more time because we did not have another child to entertain while the other one was being photographed. That maybe, and I also appreciate that when we only had Burton, his daddy had a different job and was able to spare more time to take photographs on a daily or weekly basis.

However, I cannot help but feel a little guilty and upset when I look back at the photos we have of our boys and see that although there are plenty of photos of Jenson they have mainly been taken by me on my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that with my phone I can capture a moment immediately and take what is happening then and there without having to lug about a big old camera everywhere. But when you compare the difference between a self portrait shot taken on a proper camera compared to my phone, it is evident which is the more superior quality of photograph.

On Sunday, OH had his camera out and I asked him to take a few snaps of a cake I was making, and then quite spur of the moment he took some candid shots of both boys – only a couple as they are both fidgets – but being the better photgrapher they are beautiful pictures.

This one of Jenson is just so ‘him’ and I think it captures his personality and cheekiness spot on. It isn’t a perfect one in that I wish I could have wiped his face clean as he still has some food remains around his mouth from where he had just eaten his tea, and some stickers on his tee shirt from where we had tried to get him to use the potty that morning. However, it is him and it is perfect because of that. His bright sparkly blue eyes, his big teethy grin – I just love how natural it is.


It is just my Jenson – my beautiful boy who is looking more and more grown up each day.



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Jenson At 26 Months

Dear Jenson,
Thank you for being such a wonderful little boy. Your enthusiasm, cheekiness and good humour bring a smile to the faces of everyone you meet and you are always making me laugh. You still have a temper which makes an appearance from time to time when you shout “nooooooooooo” at me very loudly and defiantly when I am telling you off for something and you still hit me sometimes when you are cross with me! I cannot belive you still do this aftr all this time and after you are told off every time for it and sat on the naughty step! 
Most of the time though you are very funny and have a lot to say! Your speech is very good (much better than Burton’s was when he was your age) and you love to tell a story about something which has happened over and over again! You are a very helpful boy and love nothing better than ‘helping’, mummy get dressed, brush her hair, put her cream and make up on; cleaning, hanging the washing up and putting the laundry away. You also like making sure that we have “everything we need”.
You love playing out doors on the trampoline and in the garden, digging in the soil and buidling sandcastles at the beach or the park. 

You can fall alseep sometimes in the funniest places because you refuse to nap in your cot! Daddy says we will be getting you a big boys bed soon like Burton so that will be interesting to see if you will stay in it or not! You have also started using the potty but only for number twos and even then it is not consistent! You will sit on it and really strain hard and produce the smallest poo and you are so pleased and proud of yourself and have to tell everyone what you have done!
You love playing with playdough and drawing with your crayons and sticking bits and bobs to paper. You also enjoy role playing with the play kitchen and play food and often make things for me to eat. Peppa Pig and Raa Raa are still your favourite TV progranmmes although you do like Madagascar, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom (same as Burton really!). Your favourite books are Superworm, The Ladybird Never Said A Word, Stickman, Room On The Broom and George. 
Monkey still goes everywhere with you – he is needing baths (ie, the washing machine) more often as a result. You also makes me smile when we take Burton to Ladybirds, you also insist on taking your rucksack and wearing it on your back, as he does, as we drop him off and when we collect him. You and Burton get along so well (most of the time) and you copy him a lot and when you tell each other you love each other, well its the bestest thing in the whole wide world. Well that and when you say it to me of course!!
As much as you love your brother, daddy and grandparents you are ultimately still a mummy’s boy and you really enjoy the two days we have on our own while Burton is at pre school. You get quite cross if Burton wants to sit on my lap for a change – you tell him to get off and try to push him! 
You are growing up too fast really.
Love you Jenson

This post was brought to you as part of Flashback Friday

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