Autumn Crafts & Recipes For All the Family

Autumn Crafts & Recipes For All the Family

Autumn Crafts & Recipes for all the family – ideas to inspire you.

Autumn Crafts & Recipes For All the Family

I love autumn and as I have stated many, many times on my blog it is my favourite season. I love the colours associated with it all around me in the trees and landscapes, the conkers and acorns that fall from the trees, along with the multi coloured leaves. I love the sound of sticks and leaves crunching under my feet, and the rays of golden sun that shine through on a lovely warm autumn day.

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Crispy Salmon Fishcakes with McCain

Crispy Salmon Fishcakes with McCain


Can you believe that it is March already and Spring is just around the corner? Me neither, but there it is, this year is already whizzing past too quickly! With the over indulgence of Christmas and the fresh beginnings of the New Year way behind us now, it is a lovely feeling knowing that meal times are just normal now and there is no guilt involved (well until Easter comes with all of its chocolate eggs of course!).

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A Little Family Bike Ride To Fremington Quay

A Little Family Bike Ride To Fremington Quay

It is official I am unfit and suffering from a sore bottom after a 5 mile bike ride today! However, it is worth the saddle sore aches and pains in my posterior and legs, because we enjoyed a lovely family bike ride along the Tarka Trail to Fremington Quay. Despite some moaning on the way there from Burton about how far it was (I must admit it was further then I remembered but then when OH reminded me that it was only 2.6 miles each way, I felt a little silly as that is not very far at all!)

Anyway, we arrived and immediately the boys and I were ravenous and despite it only being 11.30am we three tucked into our picnic while OH hung on til 12pm (the official lunch time!). Some food and much needed drink were all the boys needed to re charge their batteries and off they went to play on the pirate ship adventure playground and have some “jump on and tickle Daddy time”!

IMG_1408 (4) IMG_1409 (3) IMG_1410 (2)
IMG_1396 (3)
IMG_1397 (3)
IMG_1399 (4)
IMG_1400 (5)
IMG_1402 (2)
IMG_1403 (3)
IMG_1404 (4)
IMG_1411 (2)

The journey back seemed to go by much faster than the journey to Freminton Quay, and we only stopped once (unlike about 6 times before!), so I think the ice creams the boys ate before we set off helped that!

Despite how tired I am feeling and how much I ache, it is all good and we cannot wait to do it again very soon.

(ps. to all you monkey fans – he was there today but inside monkey rucksack!!)

I was recently sent some new soft drinks by Panda for a review. I remember drinking Panda Pops when I was young, but unlike the drinks we have been sent, they were unlikely to have had no added sugar!  Nowadays Panda has been relaunched and  they now contain natual flavours and no artifical colours or added sugar.  These bottles are great for when you are out and about as the re-sealable (sports caps) lids means no leakages on bike rides!
panda pops

You can find our more about Panda drinks by following them on twitter @Panda_Drinks or check out their facebook page

My 40th Birthday Weekend

My 40th Birthday Weekend

The other weekend I should have been heading off to the bright lights of London for my 3rd Britmums Live conference, and I was actually looking forward to attending and meeting up with all my on line friends and fellow bloggers. But then on the Monday before I recieved a text from a friend offering me her weekend break in Cornwall instead, and with the weather being so glorious and it being my birthday on the Sunday, I decided to go for it and waved goodbye to my tickets to London.

I definately made the right choice – yes I missed catching up with the BML vibe and seeing my friends BUT being away with my little family in sunny, beautiful Cornwall was wonderful and  we really could not have asked for better weather – it was like being abroad! We arrived at St Minver Friday night, but Saturday morning we headed to Rock and caught the ferry boat, signalled by Burton waving the flag, across the azure sea to Padstow. The boys loved travelling across the water! While in Padstow we just mooched about and enjoyed a delicious fish and chip lunch at Rick Stein’s chippy. The battered fish is coated in a beef dripping batter – and it was so crispy and even my fussy boys ate some battered fish! (Yep the diet was off that weekend I ate cake and ice cream too while we were away, and I enjoyed it!!)





Once back in Rock we headed for the beach for some sandcastle building and some paddling in the sea to cool off. We did not stay for as long as we may have liked as the beach was covered in washed up jelly fish and we did not want any stings on little limbs!!



Sunday I awoke to Burton coming in at 6.30am to wish me a happy birthday!  (Shame a lie in was not one of my birthday presents!! ) Although he had to wait an hour until Jenson woke up to give me my cards. He drew him and Jenson in the sea yesterday at Rock, and Jenson’s? He told me it was just a scribble and I told him that I love scribbles !!



We spent the day visiting a lovely Farm Shop which not only sold some really lovely local produce, edible and non edible, but also served food and drinks and had a fanatastic outdoors play area which the boys enjoyed exploring. It also served the biggest sponge layers in homemade cakes I have ever seen!

It was a lovely birthday – I had been feeling pretty ‘meh’ about the whole turning 40 and dreading it, but now I am wondering if a part of that was because we had not planned any way of celebrating it. Mind you, I had also told people that I was not sure if I wanted to commemorate or commiserate such a milestone birthday, so it was no surprise that nothing had been arranged! However, thanks to a last minute weekend break in Cornwall, some amazing weather and my boys and their daddy, my 40th birthday was actually rather nice!





Afterall, a 40th birthday is not complete without a huge slice of cake, some comedy sunglasses and a glass of bubbly!

Burton’s 1st Day At School

So it finally arrived.

The day I had been dreading and tormenting myself over for the last 4 years and 2 months: Burton’s first day at school.

I awoke this morning following a restless night awake for most of it thinking about today, so instead of being bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was more bleary eyed and frizzy haired! Anyway, a little before 7am I heard Burton stirring and then I listened to him and Jenson share a little conversation which really made me smile

Burton: Jenson, if I take my phone (not a real one but a toy one !)  to ******* school today, you can call me to see how I am getting on

Jenson: (excitedly) Yes Burton, I will!

Sadly, for both boys phones, toy ones or otherwise, are not permitted at school so after being the bearer of this bad news it was agreed that Jenson would keep his phone close by in case Burton needed to contact him for any reason!! How? You may ask…… by Burton holding his hand to his ear to make a pretend phone of course!!!

We arrived at his new school early – in fact we were the first ones there (*this* has never happened before we are rarely early to things, and it may possibly never happen again!) and Burton skipped down the path happy to have arrived. While we waited he had a little look inside his new ‘Seahorses’ classroom.

IMG_1328 (1)

Once the doors opened we went in and found his peg and hung his PE kit bag and coat up and then made our way to his classroom. As soon as we entered I could feel a huuuuge wave of emotion swell up inside me and tears well up and I was thinking to myself “not here, not now don’t cry in front of him“!. Thankfully, I held it together (until we left!). We left him perfectly happy trying to decide what activity to do first, I felt a mixture of relief and upset – it was strange.

When we arrived to collect him he was happy to see us, and he would not stop talking about his day. He coloured in a seahorse, he threaded beads, did some PE where “you will not believe this we took off our socks and our shoes, it was funny” !! He played outside and there were stilts and he ate all his lunch and snack. He also bought home his book bag containing three books all of which we have read twice before he went to bed tonight!

Needless to say he enjoyed his first day at school and it looking forward to returning tomorrow. I am so happy for him. I still feel a little heatrbroken and sad and could still cry if I think about this milestone too much. However, knowing how much he loved today makes me very happy and very proud.

Today marked the end of an era and it made me sad BUT it also marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in Burton’s life, and as long as it continues to make him happy then I will be too.

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