5 tips for quick and beautiful photo books

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Time flies by so quickly. From one day to the next, another year begins and we can hardly believe another 365 days have passed. Luckily, we have our photos to remind us of all the lovely things we got up to in this time. But far too often, these pictures find their final resting place in the storage space on our phones or somewhere on social media. We don’t really take the time any more to sit down and do something nice with them.

While photo books are wonderful to look at and a great addition to the bookshelf, it usually seems too much effort and too time-consuming to actually put them together. But there are some tips and tricks to get a great result without hours of work. Here are 5 tips for quick and beautiful photo books.

  1. Keep it small

The larger the better? That’s not always true. A larger photo book isn’t necessarily more impressive or valuable than a small one. There are quite a few sizes and formats that make small pictures look fabulous. For instance: Why choose an A3 photo book that takes very long to put together and isn’t easy to handle instead of a 14x14cm square photo book with one picture per page? The format alone is quite refreshing and each picture gets the attention it deserves. Plus, there isn’t much you can do wrong.

2. Keep it simple

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Talking about making wrong choices: More is also not necessarily better than less. Keeping things simple can actually make your photo book look a lot more elegant and professional compared to an overdose of frames, cliparts, or filters. The more you add around the photos, the more you distract the attention away from them. Let the pictures speak for themselves and only use other elements sparingly for style.

3. Keep it stylish

Of course there are lots of decorations and frills available, but the best things almost all photo book suppliers have to offer are themes. They take away a huge part of the work involved in putting a photo book together and they help you avoid making crazy choices such as a flower background on one page and a chequered one on the next. They give your photo book a red thread and there is a right theme for pretty much every photo book project out there.

4. Keep it affordable

If you’re sticking to tips 1 through 3, you won’t be confronted with a steep price at the checkout. But however you plan and whatever you do, there’s always a way to take the price down a little. For instance, there are lots of websites such as Photo Book Deals specialised in finding good deals for a wide range of photo book suppliers in the UK. Going through this channel also makes it easier to choose the right brand: Instead of choosing the brand first and the photo book second, you can have a look at all products first and make your decision based on that.

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5. Keep them coming

These 5 tips for quick and beautiful photo books will help you make the most of your photos and bring your memories back to life. Of course, photo books are also excellent gifts for pretty much any occasion. You can hardly find a more personalised gift that comes from the heart than this.

One of the great things about photo books is that after a while, you can have a lot of them. It may sound silly, but a photo book collection is a fantastic eye-catcher and a great way to remember all special moments. The more years pass by, the more precious the older photo books become and you get the chance to reminisce and almost go back in time.

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