The Adventures of Jenson & Monkey #1

As regular visitors to my blog will know, last week was my first week without Burton as he started school. While I was devastated, putting it mildly, I do of course have another gorgeous little boy who is still here at home with me and does not have to start school until September 2015! Yaaaay 🙂

It is funny but I have never had a walking and talking toddler all to myself before as Burton was only just walking when Jenson was born, and did not talk until he was 27 months old!! Needless to say Burton and I were not able to go out on our own when he could walk as by then I had a baby and he had a brother.

As regular visitors here will also know, Autumn is my favourite season and when it is dry there is nothing I enjoy more than going out for a walk, and noctiving the subtle changes which is happening all around me, now that the summer has well and truely ended. Last Wednesday and Friday I took Jenson on a long walk to the park for some Autumnal fun.

We looked for signs of Autumn and found elderberries, blackberries (of which we picked a few although most were gone), wild mushrooms, changing leaf colours and conkers! We didnt actually find any on the ground – I lifted Jenson up so he could have a go at shaking the branches which he found hilarious! In the end I managed to break off a bit and we brought it home to show Burton. Jenson was fascinated by how prickly the outer green shell was. He also enjoyed walking through the crunchy leaves and stomping over them and hearing them scrunch under his feet. And no walk is complete without a walk along a wall and a sit under a beautiful big tree!

mushroomsCollagejconkersCollagejblacberry Collagewallwalking CollageIMG_1344 (1)

It was really, really lovely having some time with Jenson (and monkey!) just him and I and in the great Autumnal wonderland.

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6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Jenson & Monkey #1”

  • Awwwwww this is so so sweet. I find it really odd just having Harry. I came home the first time I dropped Charles off and just said “what do I do with you?”.
    It looks like you had a lovely time together. I must do something like this with Harry xx

  • That is such a special time – it’s great that you were able to turn the sadness of having your eldest go to school into a great joy to be able to spend some time just with your little one. I’m looking forward to doing the same one day…

  • It looks like you had such a lovely time – bitter sweet though it may have been.

    It’s great now though that you can have some quality time with Jeson, something that second borns have always missed out on!

  • Hope school is going well for Burton and how lovely to have Jenson to yourself. I know only too well that this is your favourite season and we are spoilt this week with beautiful mild weather for being outside too. I love the finger through the mushroom photo, classic! Enjoy these autumn days with your toddler, they are indeed special times. Thank you for linking up. We have been doing much the same as you for our post this Saturday too.

  • I was sure I had commented on this. Jenson is growing up so fast now – but love how monkey is coming along. What very special moments together and I get to share them too :O)

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