Last Bike Ride In Autumn

I dont remember an autumn which lasted for so long or looked as stunning for as long as this one. Maybe its because usually we get a late warm spell and then go straight into wind and rain so the trees are not full of autumnal leaves for very long, or maybe its because we go from a rubbish summer into a rubbish autumn, i.e.. lots of rain and wind, and therefore the trees shed their leaves quicker??? I dont know, but for the last couple of months I have soooo enjoyed seeing the many shades of autumn and going on nature hunts with the boys, I will be sad to see it disappear.
Last Sunday was a beautiful day: blue skies, the sun was warm and bright making the colours of autumn really stand out on the landscape. Not to be wasted we made our way to Whistlandpound, a reservoir on the edge of Exmoor, which is about a mile and a half all the way round and is perfect for cycling or dog walking. 
We took our bikes and cameras and we, mostly my OH as he has the better camera, captured some beautiful shots of the boys set against the amazing scenery and colours of autumn. It was almost magical *sighs*  – the shimmer and sparkle of the suns rays across the reservoir, the green moss suits modelled by the trees and the brown and orange leafy carpets laid down for us to walk over.  Plus in the back of my mind, knowing that this could be the last chance to see this wonderful season before it ends and the bare branches of winter appear again (which funnily enough has no happened thanks to torrential rain and wind we have had since the middle of the week), I really wanted the couple of hours we spent there to be special.

My beautiful boys set against the backdrop of my favourite season 🙂
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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  1. I love, love, love these photos. They’re gorgeous and the boys look so cute and also, when did you have such nice weather? It’s been awful in Bristol…

  2. I am with you this Autumn has stretched out and the sunny weekends have been a delight. Your photos here are wonderful, such happy family snaps of a lovely day outdoors in some beautiful Countryside. I hope the winds and floods of this weekend are just a blip, I am looking forward to some crisp winter days now! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos on Country Kids.

  3. These photos are gorgeous. I especially love that one of Burton jumping, it’s fab! I love this Autumn too, it’s been so pretty. Although I haven’t had a chance to go and take lots of pictures like I would like. Good to see your family making the most of it. X

  4. These photos are absolutely amazing. Your boys are so gorgeous, you are both very lucky parents.
    I’m jealous of your Autumn hunts. We haven’t had a day like this for a long long time xx

  5. Some truly beautiful pictures. I can’t even pick a favourite. Autumn is my fave season too. Nothing more fun than jumping in leaves xxx

  6. Oh Jenny those are magnificent photos, absolutely stunning! I do wonder how on eart you got the boys onto that mooring platform when it seems to be surrounded by deep water though? Love that photo of Burton jumping and the one of Jenson pointing. The last photo must go up though?

    And I don’t think this Autumn has lasted longer, I think you’re seeing it in a different light because Jenson can get out and enjoy it more than he could last year.

  7. thanks Hayley it was lovely and some great photos for my photo books and calendars (as per my comment left on your post a moment ago ) x

  8. thanks lovely. to get them onto that mooring platform, Jon wore his wellies and lifted them on it. It wasnt that far from the bank. the last photo has just been made into a canvas now ready for our new home 🙂 x

  9. thanks Lucy. i didnt get out as much last year as this as like you still adjusting to being a mum to two!! x

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