Witches Cauldron Cake

This fun creepy Witches Cauldron Cake will make a great centrepiece at any Halloween party, read own to discover how to make one yourself this Halloween. With it being Halloween at the end of the month, my boys are started to get a little excited already. This is largely due to the fact that the […]

6 brilliant birthday cake ideas you can recreate at home

Interest in baking is at an all-time high here in the UK, and people are exercising their skills in the kitchen all the time – there’s no event that doesn’t improve immeasurably when cake is involved, and this gives amateur bakers ample opportunity to show off their skills with a mixing bowl and a batch […]

Ice Age Party

So after 5 weeks of being very excited and having a weekly countdown, with a contestant stream of ‘when is the Ice Age party mummy’ questions facing me almost every day, last Thursday saw us host our Ice Age Party in association with Sky Movies. The boys, who had spent the night before at my […]

Simple Birthday Boat Cake

I love making birthday cakes for my boys on their birthdays, they are a real labour of love because they usually do take a long time to make from start to finish. I am not complaining about this, because I enjoy seeing my idea come to life and I especially enjoy seeing the look on […]