Fish Finger Sarnies with Young’s

We love fish fingers in my house. They are always a popular tea time meal served with mash and peas/baked beans, and one that is requested a lot by my children. I recall as a child myself that if they were available on a kids menu whenever we ate out as a family, I would always choose them to eat, even when I became too big to eat off the children’s menu!!

One way to serve fish fingers that is a real guilty pleasure for me, is to serve them in a sandwich. Ever since I can remember a fish finger butty was such a joy to eat. Now there are all sorts of ways to make one of course,  but for me it has to be this:

White bread, butter and ketchup makes the BEST fish finger sarnie in my humble opinion.  Plus choosing the right fish finger is also important, and recently I have been enjoying these chunky panko breaded Gastro fish fingers from Young’s. All of their fish is sourced responsibly too which is always reassuring to know ,and there is so much gorgeous white flakey fish inside these fingers. Just look – mmmmmmm!

My youngest likes his fish fingers served this way but he likes a side of baked beans too. Of course you could make your fish finger sandwiches into party/finger food if you wanted to be posh or if you wanted to serve them at a children’s party, and there are some great ideas for serving Young’s fish products to kids here

While my eldest also loves  a fish finger sandwich, he also enjoys eating his fingers inside a wrap. 

Sadly, I struggle to get my boys to eat salad inside a wrap, so his contain just fish fingers and ketchup! However, as you can see I always try to add some veggie goodness on his plate somewhere!

Being the person in charge of cooking in my house, there are some perks and one of those is eating the odd fish finger straight from the baking tray while no one is looking. 

However you eat your Young’s fish products, you can be sure too find lots of fantastic recipes to inspire you on their website. Of course, not only is it important to create the perfect tasty meals for your family, it is also fun to create a great dining experience in the comfort of your own home. So switch off your mobile devices, indulge and use your best crockery and glasses and make your food look presentable to wow your family. You can find some great tips here for effortless dining  here


I was sent some Young’s fish fingers to review.

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  1. Fish finger sandwiches are such a lovely guilty pleasure aren’t they…. Somehow there is nothing that quite hits the mark better. I always have a slice of cheese that I place on top of the fingers and melt under the grill before they go in the (slightly toasted) bread…. with a little ketchup of course!

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