Travelling Mishaps

When I think back to the holidays I had before I became a Mummy, they always makes me smile, and I love looking back through old photos occasionally and reminiscing. I went on a few holidays with my friends which were so enjoyable and we all had such a great time, relaxing by the pool, […]

Best Friends : For Better or for Worse

When I started at my new secondary school way back when in 1986, I soon became friends with a girl called Kimberly. We soon became best friends and through her I also became best friends with her then bestie Beth , and when Elaine started at the school a year later, the four of us […]

16 Eggcellent Facts About Easter.

With the shops full of Easter eggs, goodies and treats at the moment it is hard not giving into temptation and buying some to enjoy now let alone in a few weeks when it is actually Easter! I have already made several batches of chocolate crispy egg nests, and eaten quite a few too (oooops!).

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