Travelling Mishaps

Travelling Mishaps

When I think back to the holidays I had before I became a Mummy, they always makes me smile, and I love looking back through old photos occasionally and reminiscing. I went on a few holidays with my friends which were so enjoyable and we all had such a great time, relaxing by the pool, reading , and exploring during the day, and then drinking cocktails , eating out and dancing the nights away. 

Being in our 20’s, the holidays I took with my friends back then were always on a bit of a budget and therefore we had to take the cheapest methods of travel we could find, to give us more spending money once on holiday. Therefore, we would always hire a coach to take us to the airport, because although it would take longer to travel, it was such a huge saving. This is us travelling by coach when we travelled to Teneriffe.

I have embarrassing memories of travelling  on our holidays for all the wrong reasons, because something would always go wrong for me!

To celebrate Beth turning 30 (and myself and Kimberly the year after) , we decided to go to Paris for a long weekend.  To make our plane journey more fun we *might* have had a few mini bottles of wine on the flight (on top of the wine we drank before we boarded!). In hindsight this might not have been the best decision!

Anyway we landed in Paris and we caught our coach which would take use into the city centre where we would find out hotel. Well, the coach journey took quite a long time and we were giggling and our handbags got thrown about a bit by the windy roads and eventually we departed our bus in central Paris. After a looooong walk (I am talking a few miles!) trying to find our hotel using what little French we could remember from our school days, we decided to get a taxi and in our best anglo-french accents we found our destination. Yay!

It was quite late by now, so we hurried up to get out and find a restaurant for our dinner. This is when disaster struck for me, because it was then that I realised that my purse was missing! I checked my suitcase , my coat and my handbag and my purse was not there!!!! I felt quite sick to be honest. This meant I had no money for the holiday, albeit a short break but even so I felt kind nigh stupid, as I sat there on my bed, the alcohol high I had been feeling now slipping away! I could only assume that it had fallen out on the coach journey. I felt stupid and a bit down. Luckily for me, my two best friends paid for my dinner the evening, and I was able to call my family the next day and some money was transferred to one of my friend’s bank accounts I think , which I promised to pay back upon my return. 

The following year, we three plus another friend of ours decided to go on holiday to Spain as we knew someone who had an apartment we could rent at a discounted price. Yet again, we travelled up to my Mum’s and she gave us a lift to where our coach was departing, and funnily enough a few jokes were made about me and making sure I held onto my purse!Ha ha. I assured my Mum and my friends that there was no way I would lose my purse this time, you know lessons learnt and all that! Hmmmm…..famous last words!

So we arrive in Spain – having had no alcohol on the journey this time – and we pile into a taxi to take us the 30 minutes drive to our resort and apartment. The taxi leaves and I go to get the keys for the apartment to let us in, and we cannot wait to step inside as it is midday and we are all hot and thirsty. Except, yes you have guessed it, I don’t have the keys and I also don’t have my shoulder purse bag!!!! Then ~I remember taking it out tin the plane and putting it into the magazine net holder which are on the back of the seats !!!! AAAAARGGHHHHHH! Yes yet again I managed to lose something important and valuable on holiday! Luckily, there was a happy ending, I had to walk to the letting agents nearby to get a spare set of keys, and I phoned the airport’s lost property, and explained what happened and they confirmed that my bag was found on the plane and was now with them! Complete with the keys, my passport and my purse! Luckily, this time I packed foreign currency in my suitcase so I had some money to tide me over until we retuned to the airport when we went home!

More recently, I went to a blogging event in London and I was in charge of arranging a meal out for about 20 bloggers and needed to find mini bus hire in London. I managed to sort this out and found a restaurant that could cater for us all on a Friday evening. of course, in typical Mummy Mishaps style, the night did not go smoothly: we lost a blogger who did not make the mini bus’s meeting point, and she she arrived about an hour after we did at the restaurant! Those of us who did make it onto the mini bus, got held up in so. much traffic that by the time we arrived at the eating establishment, we were late and then they over charged us! Something tells me that I do not have much luck when it comes to travelling! However, at least I did not lose or leave my handbag anywhere this time!!!

Please tell me that `I asm not the only one who has done such silly things while travelling?

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  • Ah Jenny, such amazing memories! This has bought a massive smile to my face and brightened up an otherwise not so great week! Love you my darling friend xxx

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