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I have always enjoyed watching the TV show Grand Designs. I have no idea if it is the voyeur within me that just likes to be nosey and get a peek into other people lives and houses, or because I love seeing how people’s dreams get turned into realty with a few problems along the way, the majority of the builds do get finished.

I also think I am a fan of the show because ultimately building a house which is bespoke and to my own design would be a dream come true.

However, However the trouble with such grand designs is that they all costs a lot of money, and I could be waiting a long time for it to actually happen. Therefore, in the meantime buying a new household would be the better option, and using a well established property expert to assist me in finding my perfect house makes good sense. Please check out Frank Carioti bio for such help.

Ideally, I would also like my dream home to be built using as many eco-friendly materials as possible and to include solar panels because this is important to me that my  home would be a house for now and the future. I would definitely like wood to feature somewhere on the exterior and lots of glass.  I would love those huge glass doors which open out fully , letting the outdoors in, leading straight out on to some decking with some outdoor furniture.

I would also love a swimming pool with a roof, because, let’s face it, in this country you need protection from the elements so you can swim all year round. I would love a large open plan kitchen/diner with an island in the middle separating the two areas,  and views onto the rolling countryside, well ok the garden then where I could keep an eye on the boys! I would also love a spiral staircase and a sunken bath sell as a walk in wet room, and a gorgeous fireplace in the main living room. 

Finally, I would love my dream home to be away from other people – maybe in the middle of the countryside, with glorious views and no other buildings in sight. We could have a huge outdoor adventure playground for the boys, with a climbing wall and a tree house or summer house for them to have a den.

There again…..a house with a sea view could work! So many ideas!

So what would your perfect home be like? I asked some fellow bloggers what their dream home would be.

I’d have a beach house. I love the seaside. It’s where I am happiest and can truly relax. I’d have huge patio doors looking out on the sea and a house full of beautiful minimalist furniture from Scandinavia. In fact, from my favourite beach you can even see Denmark on a clear day.

My dream house would be a cosy cottage on a remote Scottish island. It would have scrubbed wood floors, sea shell garlands, a worn wooden desk overlooking a view of the sea and open fire. Rustic but minimal with a simple, earthy look

Mine would be a ski chalet with a hot-tub. Bi-fold doors opening onto a wooden deck overlooking the mountains, with a hot tub and champagne fridge outside, and a log fire inside! 

 I honestly live in our dream home. That said if we had a sudden lottery win, I could do some great things to it, and more importantly, the land surrounding it.

On stilts over the water somewhere hot with wildlife. Doesn’t have to be big just enough for a bed and an outdoor private shower. Lots of outdoor decking and steps into the sea or lake plus away from it all.


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