How You Could Save Money by Meal Planning

Planning your weekly meals can be extremely beneficial if you are on a budget, need to make your money stretch further and want to reduce your weekly spend. Cash loan providers, Morses Club, have put together some tips on how you could save money by meal planning.

Reduce waste

It can be easy to fill a supermarket trolley with lots of tasty food, then get home and realise that you’ve bought far too much. Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy and bread can all go off quickly. If you haven’t planned your meals, you may end up having to throw food away.

No need for expensive takeaway food

If you don’t have the right ingredients in for a meal or you can’t decide what to make, it can be tempting to resort to takeaways. Getting regular takeaway food can become expensive. If you plan your meals and buy the ingredients you need, then you eliminate the need for unexpected costly takeaways.  

No extra ingredients

It can be tempting to stock up on the bulk deals because it works out less money per kilo. However, this can actually end up costing more money. If you don’t use all the ingredients, you end up throwing them away. By planning your meals, you can calculate exactly how much of each ingredient you need so you don’t buy too much. You can also incorporate special offers into your meals by planning multiple meals using the same ingredient.

No missed ingredients

If you go to the supermarket without a plan, you can end up buying lots of extra items you don’t need and missing lots of items that you do need. This can result in having to make extra trips to the shops or resorting to takeaways because you haven’t got the right ingredients to make a proper meal.

How to plan your meals

Make recipe cards or a use a small notepad to write down what ingredients you need per person for your favourite meals.

Each week, write down what meal you will prepare for each lunch and dinner. Then use your recipe cards to work out what ingredients you need. Remember to account for when any of your family members is eating out or any nights you have extra guests.

When planning your meals, think about how your supermarket sells items. For example, are sausages in packs of 6, 8 or 10? Are potatoes cheaper in sacks? Use this information to make sure you take advantage of bulk deals and utilise all ingredients.

If you buy meat in bulk, then split into portions to be frozen separately. You can then defrost what you need, when you need it. You can also cook meals in bulk and freeze some portions for the following week or as an emergency meal for when you haven’t had time to shop.

By planning your meals, you save money because you only spend money on what you need.


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