Breakfast Flapjacks

These easy Breakfast Flapjacks are a doddle to make and are made from just 3 ingredients! I like to keep things simple. I hate lots of faff when I am cooking and I will make short cuts if I can to save time and lots of paper in the kitchen!

Mincemeat Flapjacks

I love a bargain, and earlier this week I heard a rumour from my OH’s Gran that Sainsburys were selling off their jars of mincemeat for just 5p each!!! Yes just 5 pennies, and not being able to resist this tempting offer, I drove over to my local store and bought myself some jars, which […]

Mars Bar Flapjacks

These delicious Mars Bar Flapjacks are very easy to make and are made using just 3 ingredients. Give them a try and see how yummy they are. My Mars Bar Flapjacks were created quite by accident really, one of those baking experiments that you think might work, and you hope will work, and yet you never […]

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