Mars Bar Flapjacks

These delicious Mars Bar Flapjacks are very easy to make and are made using just 3 ingredients. Give them a try and see how yummy they are.

Mars Bar Flapjacks

My Mars Bar Flapjacks were created quite by accident really, one of those baking experiments that you think might work, and you hope will work, and yet you never know until they are cooked and ready to eat.

There are some days when I have a look through my kitchen cupboards and I do not quite have enough ingredients to make what I actually intended, so I end up having to improvise. I found some porridge oats so I thought I could make some flapjacks but I did not have any golden syrup or honey! However, I did have some Mars Bars which I know work in place of syrup in these homemade Toffee Crisp Bars, so I wondered if they would work in a flapjack.

As it turns out, they work extremely well and this is a recipe I now make often for friends and family. I love how easy they are to make as they only require 3 ingredients.   


Mars Bar Flapjacks
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: desserts
  • 450g Mars Bars
  • 250g unsalted butter
  • 400g porridge oats
  1. Pre heat the oven to 160 oC / 140oC (fan)
  2. You need a non stick 8 inch square baking tin - I suggest a silicone one would work well as the flapjack can get stuck to grease proof paper!
  3. Place the butter and Mars Bars in a pan over a low heat and melt together
  4. Add the oats and mix well
  5. Pour into your prepared tin and place in the oven
  6. Cook for about 25-30 minutes until golden brown and cooked
  7. Leave to cool and then cut into squares


These really are so nice to eat. Such a quick flapjack to make too. Give them a try next time you fancy a flapjack – I think you will like what you eat!

Here is a video showing you just how easy these are to make

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  1. I always love the ‘what’s in the cupboard’ emergency bakes the best. My Chocolate Beetroot cake has nesquick instead of cocoa powder and it’s a delight! These sound absolutely perfect!

  2. These take me back to the Mars Bar rice krispie cakes we used to make as Girl Guides! I will be trying these out with my 7 year old as I’m sure she’d love making and eating them. Pinned it to try later.

  3. Great recipe for cooking with Easter eggs! I used the mars bars from my egg, and melted the egg on the top. Delicious, and went down very well in the office!

  4. Mars bar flapjacks. Have just made these and pleasantly surprised they are not as sweet as I thought they would be. Nice and chewy without being tooth pulling. Next time may reduce butter/flapjacks a little as pan left quite greasy.

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