Christmas Popcorn Pudding Cakes

These Christmas Popcorn Pudding Cakes are made using just 4 ingredients – perfect for making at Christmas time These Christmas Popcorn Pudding Cakes are SUPER easy to make and take next to no time and they would be perfect for children to make. Not only are they delicious to eat and festive to look at, but […]

Banana & Nutribix Loaf

My new DegustaboxUK parcel arrived last week, and it is always fun opening it up to see what food items I have received this month, and then thinking up a recipe to feature some of the products.

Apricot & Super Seed Flapjacks

I do enjoy the challenge of creating something from the content of my Degustabox Uk box each month. Some boxes can take quite a bit of brainstorming before a recipe idea pops into my head, but other times, such as this months, it is very easy to see what I could make. As soon as […]

Baked Beanballs with a tomato & veggie pasta sauce

So Jenson is a massive fan of baked beans, and will ask for them with most meals. From the usual meals like sausage and mash, fish fingers/fish cakes, scrambled egg and with toast, baked beans are expected. However, I also add them to my cottage pie base, and therefore Jenson will ask me to do […]