Hunting down the best UK desserts!

It’s a sad fact that our desserts often get overlooked in comparison to our main courses. And whilst we should all try our hand at creating extravagant creations like Banana Bread Cake with Buttercream every once in a while, it’s also a good idea to have a look out there and see how some of […]

Christmas Popcorn Pudding Cakes

These Christmas Popcorn Pudding Cakes are made using just 4 ingredients – perfect for making at Christmas time These Christmas Popcorn Pudding Cakes are SUPER easy to make and take next to no time and they would be perfect for children to make. Not only are they delicious to eat and festive to look at, but […]

Oreo Baked Cheesecake #GBBOBloggers2015

Asides from cake week, my other favourite Great British Bake Off week is of course dessert week. I have such a sweet tooth! When I saw the categories were either creme brûlée, windtorte or baked cheesecake, I knew which one I would go for because I have had the recipe idea in my mind for […]

Disney’s Frozen Inspired Yogurt Desserts

As you may have guessed from reading my blog, I do enjoy creating food inspired by the films, TV shows, characters and books that Burton and Jenson enjoy watching or reading. Please do not get me wrong, I do not go to so much effort for every meal I make them, but I do enjoy […]