Disney’s Frozen Inspired Yogurt Desserts

As you may have guessed from reading my blog, I do enjoy creating food inspired by the films, TV shows, characters and books that Burton and Jenson enjoy watching or reading. Please do not get me wrong, I do not go to so much effort for every meal I make them, but I do enjoy creating fun food for thier birthday parties and whenever I have been asked to create some food art from brands that I have worked with.  I was recently asked to take part in a fun challenge by Fage Uk  called #YogArtist, where I was sent some food and products , and asked to decorate their Total yogurt in any way that my children and I wanted to.  Never one to turn down such an challenge, I got to work on another Disney’s Frozen theme having already created some sandwich fun a couple of months ago, I thought that the colour of Total natural yogurt is perfect as the basis for a Frozen theme as it is white like snow.

To sweeten the natual yogurt to make it appeal more to my children, I added honey and for the Frozen Heart Yogurt I also added some fresh raspberries which I pureed and blended into the honey and yogurt mix

I used some cookie cutters to mould the shapes I needed, added the decorations and then I placed them in the freezer for 2 1/2 hours. The only problem with me freezing the yogurt in my ‘moulds’ is that they were not easy to remove and I had to use the microwave for 20 secs to enable me to remove them (**PLEASE note that I do not endorse placing stainless steel items in a microwaves, had I more time I would have left these in the fridge for a while to loosen, but I needed to photograph my creations!). Anyway, once removed I added the extra items needed to finish of my Olaf and frozen heart.




Here are our Frozen yogurt creations:

They went down a treat with my boys!
My next creation is a presented in a jar, to make it something that could be shared , a yogurt fondue almost. I dipped marshmallows and strawberries on chocolate sticks to eat some of it, and then a spoon for the hidden layers thaare inside my Frozen Yogurt Snow Flurry.

The ‘Flurry’ is made up of 8 layers including edible blue shimmmer sprinkles, blueberries and desicated coconut and chocolate curls with Total natural yogurt, combined with honey, to make a tasty jar of yogurt. Not to be eaten all at once, but with the lid it can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days so you can dip in and out of your Snow Flurry.

These were a lot of fun to make and Jenson enjoyed ‘helping’ me make them and he devoured the Olaf one very fast, leaving him with a white yogurt goatee!
IMG_1479 (3)

What fun could you have with Total Yogurt?

I was sent some items and some vouchers to cover the cost of the yogurts used in this post. To see what other bloggers ahve created please follow the #YogArtist on twitter or you can follow the Fage Uk facebook page

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  1. as always, some very clever ideas! I do hope your microwave survived the stainless steel attack!

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