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Fathers Day Outing

So yesterday was Fathers Day, the first for Burton’s daddy and the 36th for mine! We all spent the day together yesterday and went out for a little boat ride along the river Torridge in the afternoon along with Jon’s dad too (well it is his boat!). We launched from Appledore and sailed for an […]

Fathers Day Carnival – Happy Daddy’s Day

The wonderfully creative Snafflesmummy has created a Fathers Day Carnival so I thought I would add a post as I have not participated in a carnival before! I wish my own Dad a Happy Fathers Day of course and my Step Dad, but I dedicate this entry to my son’s daddy as it is his […]

Fun at the Farm Park

A few miles from where I live is the North Devon Farm Park. It is not the best tourist attraction I have ever been to, but because you can feed the animals and touch them and get close to them, I thought it would be great to take Burton there. I have paid for a […]

The Gallery – Motherhood

Motherhood is the theme for this weeks Gallery over at Sticky Fingers this week and what an emotional topic that is (well for me at least!) There are so many photos that I could use here to explain what motherhood means to me, but I don’t think you want to see pages and pages of […]

Weetabix or adhesive-abix

Dear Weetabix, I do enjoy eating you and you have served me as a breakfast cereal countless times during my life to date. More recently, I have introduced you to my son who enjoys you mixed with fruit (and his fingers!). However, I feel I need to ask why on earth are you so hard […]

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