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So its the night before the new year otherwise known as new years eve. It is also Saturday which is also known as Sat Cap Day and here is my entry

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Saturday Is Caption Day

Oh and Happy New Year 🙂

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A Spoonful Of Sugar Doesn’t Help All The Time!

So today I experienced my first encounter with trying to give foul tasting medicine to a toddler. Following a visit to our GP yesterday, Burton was prescribed a course of anti-biotics in liquid form – 5 ml to be taken 4 times a day until the contents of the bottle have been emptied. Having been warned by the pharmacist that this medicine did not taste nice and my best bet was to mix it with a little calpol or some chocolate mousse to try and soften the bitterness, I knew that Burton was probably not going to enjoy taking it as much as he likes having calpol. However,before I attempted to get him to take a spoonful, I was feeling pretty confident that it wouldn’t be too much of a problem if i told him it was calpol! Hmmm oh dear! How wrong I was!

To be fair yesterday we did get the first spoonful in no problem because I told him it was calpol and he did pull a face afterwards but a drink of squash took away the after taste. After his bath it was time for another dose of the evil meds and he refused point blank and didn’t fall for my “but it’s calpol Burton, and you like calpol” routine at all. However, Daddy came to the rescue and bribed him with a chocolate biscuit and an episode of Peppa Pig on You Tube, which actually got increased to two episodes by Burton! He is a good negotiator , unlike mummy and daddy it would seem!

This morning, however, despite telling Daddy and I that he would take his medicine as long as he could have a jaffa cake and five episodes of Peppa Pig, when it came to trying to put the spoon into his mouth he changed his mind and no amount of persuading him or bribing him would make him open his mouth. Daddy and I reasoned with him and explained why he had to take the medicine but he wouldn’t let us give it to him. Eventually after about 40 minutes of negotiations, Daddy filled the syringe and I tried to administer it to him while he was held down but Burton just spat it out! Nightmare!

So I asked on twitter to see if anyone could suggest anything that  might help

Twitter how do you get a toddler to take a foul tasting medicine? Burton isnt budging despite all sorts of bribes!!

As always I was blown away by all of the replies I received and a BIG thank you to all of you who took the time to reply. From reading the tweets in my timeline I have learnt the following tip with regards to getting your child to take devil juice medicine:

disguise the flavour
ice cream, jam, orange juice, milkshake, yogurt and chocolate were suggested

make threats 
these included; having to have an injection, take them to hospital,  and take them to the doctors

anything that will get them to take them although chocolate of some description seemed to be the most popular

if all else fails, pin your child down and force it inside their mouths via a spoon or a syringe. Not the nicest method it was agreed but sometimes has to be done to get the meds inside them 

We had tried, unsuccessfully, all of these techniques (except the threats one as he doesn’t understand about hospitals and injections. although I did tell him that the area in question that he is taking the meds for could drop off if he didn’t take his medicine!!! *hangs head in shame*)

So the only thing I could think to do was phone my GP back and explain the situation and see if there were any different antibiotics Burton could be prescribed instead. He did and the new meds were tried out at tea time and they are better because they can be taken with meals this time too. So to begin with Burton wasn’t going to try this new yellow medicine, the previous one was neon pink, and although it doesn’t taste lovely it is not as bad as the other one.
Anyway, in the end I worked out a plan of attack and made the following bribe proposal to him:
if he takes his medicine which mummy will mix in with one of his fromage frais, and he can wash it down with a jaffa cake and some of mummy’s squash, in return he will get a sticker and if he gets all of his stickers on his reward chart, then mummy will take him to buy a Peppa Pig (his new fav at the moment) DVD

Once I persuaded him to try a little of the ‘fromage frais’, he realised that he couldn’t taste the medicine and he ate it all!!! I was so chuffed and wanted to dance a little victory dance around the downstairs rooms, but I restrained myself. 

I just hope he keeps up the momentum tomorrow and the next day and possibly the day after that!

Are there any methods you emily that haven’t already been mentioned here? Please say if this is so as it is always useful to know!

*I would like to add that since I wrote this post, Burton decided he wouldn’t swallow the second medicine he was prescribed and Daddy had to use the ‘force’ method each time by holding him down and forcing the syringe into his mouth which was not nice or enjoyable for all involved. *

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Christmas Recap

So thats another Christmas over and done with.
I always feel sad one Christmas Day turns to night and then Boxing Day comes to an end, because that means my favourite time of the year is over for another 12 months *sighs*
However, it was a fantastic festive fun filled couple of days and despite the fact that I was hoping to share more photographs of the two days with you, which I am unable to due to not being able to find the device which connects my iPad to the camera (!), here are some highlights.
Christmas Eve
We arrived at the OH’s (Jon) parents at 5pm, with the car boot filled to the brim with presents which I had secretly packed without Burton seeing! I actually didn’t think i was going to get everything we needed for our 2 night stay in the car but I did – just! Jon’s brother and his wife and two children were also staying the night so you can imagine how excited Burton and his two cousins were about Father Christmas coming.
So they decided they would all like to sleep in the same bedroom so we got on and bathed them and got them ready for bed just after 7pm and once I had got Jenson down we met in the lounge for the three children to get their santa sacks ready and to leave out a mince pie, two carrots and a cup of chocolate milkshake for Father Christmas and Rudolph. In their excitement, Burton and his cousins decided they would like to get inside their santa sacks!
 Then the three of them set off to bed for a story and to go to sleep. Yes to sleep! do you think that happened? Oh no not at all! There was giggling, talking, running about and generally everything but going to sleep really! In the end it was Burton who couldn’t get off to sleep and eventually after a few tears and relocating him into mine and daddy’s room he went to asleep just before 10pm!! Talk about being over tired!
Once the coast was clear and all children were off in the land of nod we brought all the presents in from the car as did Jon’s brother, and his mum gathered all of her gifts and we piled them around the Christmas tree 
After much discussion between Jon and I about where to leave the santa sacks for Burton and Jenson (and me putting a tweet out about it asking where people hang theirs in their homes – at the end of beds or downstairs), we finally decided to put them in the lounge by the chimney
Christmas Day
Started very early!!! 5.30am I was woken up by Jenson and then the other three children were up and about giggling at 6am! My photos of Burton’s little face when he saw his sack full of presents were just gorgeous and he was very excited. However, he didn’t really get the whole unwrapping of his gifts bit – he opened a couple and liked what he received but he was far more interested in seeing what everyone else had, playing with Jenson’s presents and playing with the things he had as he opened them. He was the last one to open all his presents and even that took a lot of persuading!
Me: Burton, why don’t you open another one of your presents?
Burton: No thank you, Mummy
They each received some wonderful presents and Burton loves his wooden train set that we bought him
I also had some lovely presents and my cake making will be going to a whole new level next year with these two little beauties, which I cannot wait to use.
It was a great Christmas made the more special by my two boys and especially Burton when he saw that Father Christmas had visited us in the night. It was magical and I wish it was happening again this weekend!
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