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Knoppers Brownies

These delicious Knoppers Brownies smell as great as they taste! A double chocolate brownie, poured over a Knoppers waffle base and topped with white chocolate and more Knoppers, these brownies are as easy to eat as they are to make! Knopper Brownies are very easy to make and if you love wafers, hazelnut chocolate and […]

Caring for your Horse

Something I have never done in my life so far, is to ride a horse. I have ridden a donkey at the seaside as a young girl, but horse riding is a skill that I have never practised or had the opportunity to try. I remember lots of my friends having horse riding lessons, or […]

Creme Egg Surprise Cake

This delicious Creme Egg Surprise Cake is a vanilla flavoured sponge containing Cadbury Mini Eggs ,aswell as hidden Cadbury Creme Egg slices in every slice. Delicious! With Easter almost here, what better excuse to get baking with Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs. Of course there are so many amazing recipes out there already using […]

Chocolate Fudge Cake

This Chocolate Fudge Cake makes a perfect addition to any celebration, as it can be decorated with any favourite chocolates of your choice. Top with candles and you have an impressive birthday cake for some special. It was my OH’s birthday the other daybed he waste due home until the day after. However, due to […]

Interior Lighting Trends

image credit  Interior lighting can play an important part in the design of your home. You can alter your home’s ambience just by careful positioning of the lighting and the type of fixtures you choose to use. Of course, lighting design also changes from room to room.  For example, what works in the kitchen will […]

Mini Eggs Brownies

These delicious chocolate Mini Eggs Brownies are a very easy way to incorporate these yummy treats into a simple brownies recipe. Give them a try, assuming you can save some mini eggs for them of course! It is almost Easter and that means that ever since Boxing Day, chocoolate Easter eggs have been on sale in […]

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