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Pink Kit Kat Celebration Cake

This pretty in Pink Kit Kat Celebration Cake is a perfect birthday or celebration cake for fans of girly colours, pink kitkats and sprinkles. It was my birthday last month, and due to going away on my actual birthday I did not have a cake. Well, you cannot not have birthday cake for your birthday […]

If I Won the Lottery

How many times have you day dreamed about what you would do if you won the lottery? If you are like me, then I would say a LOT! It is always a question that pops into my head whenever I hear competitions on the radio where you can ring up and try to win a […]

How Do You Know How Long To Bake A Cake For?

“It’s someone’s birthday somewhere” – I almost feel like this should be a life motto! Whenever there’s a bit of free time in my schedule I like to fill it with a bit of baking and more specifically cake baking. I love cakes, from your easy vanilla tray bake to the more experimental hummingbird and […]

The importance of food and family

With my eldest son turning 9 in a few days it’s got me reflecting on where the time has gone. It seems hard to believe that he will be starting secondary school in just two years time! In fact both my boys are really starting to grow up now,  and we have gone from a […]

Bourbon Biscuit Cake

This chocolate Bourbon Biscuit Cake is a very easy traybake to make. Its soft chocolate sponge, filled with a chocolatey buttercream and then topped with bourbon biscuit is a yummy treat indeed. I have been practising a traybake cake which features a bourbon biscuits for a few weeks now. Sadly for my family, this has […]

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