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How to prepare the perfect BBQ party this summer

Notwithstanding the vagaries of the British weather, July and August are the warmest months of the year, with the most sunshine, and the best time to hold a barbecue party. However, before you don your apron and fire up the coals, give some thought to who you’ll invite, what you’ll serve them and how you’ll […]

Maltesers Brownies

These delicious Maltesers Brownies are easy to make and great served as a dessert with ice cream, or along side a cup of tea. I love a good brownie. I love how easy they are to make and how many flavours and varieties you can make. I also love eating them, of course!!

Project 365, 2016. Week 16

Our lovely two and a half weeks off school came to and end on Wednesday, which was a real shame as we have had such fab weather and really made the most of it, so I was sad to see a return to school. 

Cauliflower Chilli Con Carne

Cauliflower Chilli Con Carne – this delicious veggie chilli con carne uses cauliflower and lentils in place of meat or a meat substitute such as Quorn mince. I made mine in the slow cooker which help to cook the vegetables and lentils to perfection.  With the over indulgence of Easter now behind us (although it […]