mummy mishaps

clumsily raising my boys and baking cakes

Project 365, 2016. Week 16

Our lovely two and a half weeks off school came to and end on Wednesday, which was a real shame as we have had such fab weather and really made the most of it, so I was sad to see a return to school. 

Cauliflower Chilli Con Carne

Cauliflower Chilli Con Carne – this delicious veggie chilli con carne uses cauliflower and lentils in place of meat or a meat substitute such as Quorn mince. I made mine in the slow cooker which help to cook the vegetables and lentils to perfection.  With the over indulgence of Easter now behind us (although it […]

Project 365, 2017. Week 15

We have enjoyed another week of the holidays with mostly dry weather (just one bit of drizzle was all the wet weather we had which lasted for about 20 minutes (we have ben sooooo lucky with the weather!). We have not been out walking and cycling as much as last week, but we still got […]