How to unblock a sink?

You are here because your sink is stuck? It is very common. When things other than liquid a thrown into the sink like paper, plastic, or cloth, etcetera, the flow of water disrupts and results in the blockage of the sink. First of all, you should not worry about it. A stuck sink is not that big of a problem, and it is not very difficult to unblock a sink. By following a professional strategy, you will be able to unblock a sink in a couple of minutes without any difficulty. Here, in this article, we explain some ways by following which, you can unblock your sink within half an hour. Following are some useful methods you can use to unclog your sink. 

  1. By boiling water:

We already know that what are the causes of sink blockage. But do you know, the sink can also block if grease or any other oily products are poured into it. These products make it impossible for water to pass through the sink. So, firstly, you should avoid pouring oily liquids into the sink. 

Now, how can you unblock a sink by boiling water? To unblock the sink, pour the boiling water into the sink. This water will take the oily liquid with it, and the pipe of the sink will be cleaned. In this way, the sink will start working accurately and will be unblocked. 

  • By vinegar and baking soda:

Add one cup of baking soda into the sink with the help of a funnel. Make sure the baking soda goes directly into the sink and no elsewhere. After this, pour one cup of white vinegar into the sink. Baking soda reacts with water and acid. In the sink, water is already present, and when vinegar which is an acid, touches the baking soda, a reaction takes place. Due to this reaction, the sink gets unblocked. This is a short, inexpensive, and simple way to unblock a sink. Also, all of the things used in the process are usually available at home. 

  • By using a drain snake:

A drain snake is a thin and extensible cable that can be used to unclog a blocked sink. This is a very effective way to unblocking a sink. You should use a drain snake if the blocking is very severe. Though, you can also use it for minor blockages. Put the drain snake in the sink and move it back and forth. It will bring the sink in working order again. 


All of the above mentioned are written in order. You should try the boiling water method at first and the drain snake method at last. Hopefully, the boiling water method would unblock the sink easily, but you may have to use other methods in case of severe blockages. 

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