Tips to help you keep your tyres spick and span

Regular up keep of your tyres is essential to enhance their longevity. A smart way is to check up on your tyres every two weeks so that you are aware of what their condition is instead of being totally ignorant about them. After all tyres are the main contact points between the road and the car and we are dependent upon them for our safety.

Some of the basic tyre care tips to be mindful of are:

  1. Check tyre pressure regularly: A tyre performs at its optimum level when it is properly inflated. The optimum tyre pressure can be known from the tyre manufacturer’s handbook. Both over inflation and under inflation are harmful to the tyres. An over inflated tyre is more prone to wear and tear while an under inflated tyre creates more resistance which in turn causes more fuel consumption.

    You can check your tyre pressure at home using a small pressure gauge. If you don’t have one, you can get it from a home goods store. It is pretty inexpensive and can save you from elaborate tyre troubles.
  2. Check for damage and unusual wear and tear: Tyres face wear and tear on an everyday basis. If punctures and cuts are repaired timely then the tyres can last longer. So never delay a cut or puncture unnecessarily. Also, the wearing off tyres results in decreasing its tread depth. By UK law, a tyre with a tread depth of less than 1.6mm is not considered safe to be on the road. To check the tread depth of your tyre, place a 20p coin in its groove. If the outer rim of the coin is visible then it means its time to get new tyres and vice versa.

    Choosing the right tyre dealer is important. You can get your ride new tyres in Northampton from Calmac Autocentre, a trusted dealer that sells tyre at trade prices and stocks a huge variety of popular brands to cater to all makes and models.
  3. Don’t overload your car: When you overload your car, all the load is borne by the tyres thus causing excessive wear and tear and affecting its durability.
  4. Keep your wheels aligned: Whenever you feel that your car is steering to one side when driving it in a straight line, it means that your tyres do not have correct alignment. Incorrect alignment weakens your tyres making them more prone to wear offs.

Keep these easy to follow tips in mind and you will be sorted on your tyres front.

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