5 Tips for Buying Clothes Online Like a Pro

Shopping online comes with so many advantages – no queues, no need to drive all the way, or even change into an ironed pair of suits. But while it comes with an endless list of benefits, it does not miss a few drawbacks as well, from the killer dress coming a size smaller, to the material not coming out as impressive. 

To ease the pain of nasty surprises or no returns, here are five crucial tips to help you the next time you’re doing clothing rental and shopping online.

#1. Get your measurements right – Shopping online does not afford you the luxury of trying outfits out in the dressing room. Unfortunately, sizes may vary from brand to another, and also the batch in which they were made. Check what type of measurement your online store uses and compare it with what your tailor gave you. Knowing the right measurements for your clothing ensures you buy the most accurate measurements for you. If you don’t know your measurement well, visit your local tailor and engage them in a friendly talk. They may know a thing or two about various measurements.

#2. Check size charts – Before making any order, check out how your new measurements compare to the site’s chart. This helps you determine the exact size you should be ordering. It is advisable to check the size chart offered on the designer’s website before proceeding to checkout, as they provide a general guideline for all the clothes in their shop.

#3. Read customer reviews – Nothing will offer more candid feedback about a website than what customers are saying. The information you are likely to obtain from reviews is valuable for you as you even as you make your own decision. Go through comments talking about size, quality of material, and fit, to get an idea of whether items fit true to size, or you’ll need to adjust upwards or downwards. The photos may be misleading, and what you buy could end up being awkwardly tight or loose on the bust, hips, or any other area.

#4. Learn a thing about various materials – How a material feels is equally as important as the size. The most annoying thing would be waiting anxiously for your online purchase only to receive a fabric that feels rough and faded. Since it is impossible to feel a material by looking at a photo, the only way out is to know different materials to get familiar with fabric content. 

One way to go about would be going through your wardrobe to see what materials your favorite clothes are made of. Be sure to check the materials that feel itchy and uncomfortable so you can use them as reference points for your online shopping.#5. Be flexible – How a color appears on-screen may differ slightly from how it looks like. Similarly, there could be a color variation depending on the batch. Be prepared to receive a slightly different hue, but it does not necessarily mean you’re not going to like what you get. Just leave your options a little open.

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