6 Christmas Gifts for People who have Everything

Giving and receiving gifts is exciting over Christmas time, but it can become stressful if your secret Santa seems to have absolutely everything. Now, you have to rack your brain and think about what to get them, but what if they’re also picky, or unconventional? If you want to be more creative than giving someone cash (still a great option!), take a look at our list.

Audiobook Subscription

For the relative that loves to go to the library a lot, or their room is covered in bookshelves, an annual subscription to Audible is the perfect gift. Once a month, Audible will give the subscribe a free audiobook, and there is no cap on price either. You can either get a 5 dollar audiobook or a 50 dollar one. Make sure to let them know that so they save their free book for the big purchases! Subscribers also get deals on audiobooks, and new sales come out every month.

Private Number Plate 

Unique and personable, a private number plate can spell out your friends’ name, their favorite song, band, or an inside joke. You can get private number plates on this website instead of going straight to the dealership. Online, there are more options to choose from, and you can search for exactly what you want. Keep in mind that some private number plates can be on the pricey side, especially if they’re rare.

23 and Me Ancestry Test

These were more vouge a couple of years ago, but most people don’t actually know about it still. If you purchase a 23 and Me kit, your family member will receive a vile with a swab, so they can collect a sample of their saliva and send it back to the company. In a few weeks, they will see a DNA breakdown of where their ancestors come from, along with other premium information if you pay for it. Everyone likes to learn more about themselves, plus it will give you both something to talk about next time you meet.

Airbnb Gift Card

If your family member or friend is an avid traveler, give them an Airbnb gift card. Staying in hotels can not only be expensive, but they’re also limited unless you pay an extra premium. Most AirBnBs have showers, kitchens, and gyms that you can use. It’s similar to a hotel room, only better and more comfortable. The Airbnb app details all of the places that can host you, and for how long. There’s no reason not to try an Airbnb hostel or hotel!

WWF Species Adoption

Many animals need your help, and many of them happen to be endangered. There are multiple sanctuaries all over the world that house and protect elephants, sloths, wildcats, rhinos, and giraffes. Donating to a sanctuary of your choice and giving it to your friend not only shows your charitable side, but your friend will also receive pictures and updates on the animals’ progress, as well as where their money is going. 

Bloomsy Box

Giving flowers to your loved one on Christmas is a nice gesture, but they eventually die and can’t be kept unless dried. You could buy them a house plant, or you could set them up for a fresh flower subscription box. Every month, bloomsy box gives your family member or friend different, new, fresh flowers every single month. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!

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