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Toying Around

For his birthday, among other things, Burton was given a Fisher Price Little People Racing Ramps Garage (phew! That’s a mouthful!). I am sure that as parents, many of you will also have one in your home. The garage comes with two cars and two people: a mechanic and his recovery vehicle and a car […]

Happy 1st Birthday Burton

My dearest darling boy, I cannot believe that the day has come when you, my gorgeous baby boy, celebrate your 1st birthday. You have made me so happy Burton, and since you came into my life it has made it more worthwhile and given me a purpose. I have enjoyed our first 12 months together […]

No rest for the wicked!

So here I am. It is 8am on a sunny Sunday morning and I am wide awake and have been since 5.47am!! Nothing different to any other morning you might think and you would be correct. The difference though, is that Burton stayed at my Mum’s last night as I had a night out – […]

Rock Star of the Future?

It’s time for a little Burton love again! Yesterday I left him with his Daddy for a few minutes and when I returned this is what I found He was really moving his hand up and down as if he were really playing a real guitair! He has already tried out the drums Budding rock […]

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