Peppa Pig World – Our 1st Time

Our main day outdoors this week was last Thursday when the boys, Grandma (my Mum) and I were lucky enough to be invited to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park in Hampshire. It was part of a bloggers coffee morning where we were shown some new merchandise ahead of Christmas (post to follow)

For the boys though, and if I am completely honest, the day was about going to Peppa Pig World the theme park – a place which Burton has been asking to visit since last summer! Both he and Jenson love this show as do most children I know so to create this attraction is genius!
I have to say that I was impressed with the way the park looks and that music from the show is piped out from various places which really adds to the fun. I was so impressed by the attention to detail, like the flowers and trees made to look like they are animated. In fact the entire area looks like you have stepped into a Peppa Pig episode! This just adds to the magic of the place for little Peppa Pig fans.

Even inside Peppa’s house where the family are making (and eating) pancakes – there are pancakes stuck to the ceiling which is what happens in the pancake episode.

Of course being a popular place and it being the middle of the summer holidays, it was busy and the queues were epic both in length and duration, which when you are an adult is bad enough but when you are small it must seem like forever to wait for your turn to have a go on one of the many rides. We went on the boats and the dinosaurs – we would have loved to go on the balloon or the helicopter rides but those had the largest queues of all sadly. However, there was still plenty to see and do so it did not really matter.

One of the lovely features of Peppa Pig World in my opinion, is the opportunity children get to meet their TV heroes. At various times throughout the day (about 4 I think) Peppa, George, Suzy Sheep and Zoe Zebra come out for a meet and greet and children are able to walk (or run and shout in most cases that I saw) up to them, to touch and hug them. *This* was a highlight for me because the smiles it brought to my two and the other children was priceless

Overall, Peppa Pig World was a big sucess for Burton and Jenson (and Grandma and I). Yes it woud have been nicer not to have spent so long stood around waiting for a ride but that is part and parcel of visiting any theme park / attraction like this.  I like the fact it had playareas (indoor soft play and an outside one) that meant that even if the queues were big, children can still be occupied and enjoy themselves.

I also felt that the prices once inside were not hugely inflated – ice creams (from Mrs Rabbit’s ice cream parlour of course!)  were just over £2, lollies just over £1 and the merchandise in the toy shop were the same as you would pay in a toy shop in your own town. I also really liked the fact that the balloons ( 2 sizes at 2 prices £4 and £6 , which again I felt were reasonable so ended up buying one of each!) had a bangle tied to the end so that it could be worn over a child’s arm and wouldn’t float away either (as George’s dinosaur balloon did in an episode).

IMG_1002 (1)

Both boys fell asleep as soon as we left the car park – which is not surprising as it is tiring with all the walking and standing around aswell as lots of running around the indoor soft play area!We will be returning again because there is still so much for us to see and do and one day is just not long enough! Burton and Jenson are still talking about their visit 4 days later, and I adore hearing them talk about it and tell me when they see Peppa Pig on TV now that ” we went there didn’t we Mummy?”. Brilliant just brilliant.

**Family ticket to Peppa Pig World give away post to follow later this week – make sure you are signed up to my new blog so you don’t miss out on entering 🙂
Disclosure : I was given complimentary entry to Paultons Park for myself, my Mum and boys as part of a bloggers event. I was not asked to write a review – I have written this myself as a reminder of our day there.

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Cooks The Books App (A Review)

Have you ever found yourself aimlessly wondering around a supermarket trying to find inspiration of what to cook? Or maybe you remember seeing a recipe in a cookbook at home and wanted to give it a try only to discover that you left your shopping list at home? (I do this all the time!)
Cook The Books is a brand new app designed to help you out with both of these supermarket shopping dilemmas. The app (which is free) lists cookbooks from some well known cooks like Jamie Oliver and The Hairy Bikers and every single recipe from each book. However, it does not contain any photos of the recipes or their methods just the ingredients required to make the meal. Therefore, when you are at the supermarket you can simply select a recipe you would like to cook, and highlight the ingredients you need to buy, save them to a shopping list and off you go to buy them.

It is very simple but a great way to be able to try out new recipes without having to write out the ingredients before you leave home. This clever free app features a shopping list for very recipe mentioned in over 50 UK cookery books and there are over 5,000 shopping lists all together. Once you have downloaded the free app you can then purchase and download complete shopping lists from other cookbooks from 69p. 
You can see a demonstration video of the app here

Trying out recipes from new cookbooks when you don’t know what ingredients you require, need never be a problem again.

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