1. There is just so much detail there that I completely forgot about the music when I wrote up about our day. It really is an amazing day out – I look forward to your giveaway.

    People will need to remember to re-sign up now you’ve moved too.

  2. Looks like a great place to visit. My two used to love Peppa Pig but we never went down. The ticket prices – mean mummy – and those queues always put me off! Luckily they never knew Peppa Pig world existed! x
    I think bloglovin will automatically track a URL change? I shall go and check as I’m here via Country Kids at the mo 😉

    • thanks Viv I havent added bloglovin’ yet but will try to today.
      Yes, Peppa Pig World does cost a lot I admit I wouldnot be able to afford to take tem very often, sadly. I think it woud be better if a separarte admision price just for Peppa Pig World could be set up as currently the admission is for the whole of Paultons Park and lets face it, the majority of the little people visiting only want to to see PPW! x

  3. A dream come true for a lot of children who are Peppa fans! It certainly looks like there are a lot of activities to keep the children entertained and happy. Like you I think it’s great that the characters appear to meet with the children which I’m sure makes their day. Thanks for sharing your Peppa Pig World adventures with lovely happy photos of Burton and Jenson on Country Kids.

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